Brookline News Agency - 1933

Brookline News Agency - 1933

The Brookline News Agency, shown here in 1933, has been a popular location along Brookline Boulevard since the early part of the 20th century. If you were looking for a newspaper, magazines, candy or a variety of small items, Newsies was the place to go. Over the course of time, the business has had three different locations along Brookline Boulevard.

Newsies was first located at 806 Brookline Boulevard. Shortly afterwards, it moved to down to the next block, at 920 Brookline Boulevard, as shown in the photo above. In 1973, a fire destroyed the building and the business was forced to move to its final location, next to Mazza Pavilion, at 908 Brookline Boulevard. The business was eventually sold and is now known as the Boulevard News and Variety Store.

The Brookline News Agency, located
across from Flatbush Avenue - March 1916
The Brookline News Agency was first located across from Flatbush Avenue at 806 Brookline Boulevard.

Memorial Day 1942
The Brookline News Agency at 920 Brookline Boulevard during the Memorial Day Parade in 1942.

Boulevard News and Variety - 2010
The Boulevard News and Variety Store at 908 Brookline Boulevard in 2010.

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