The Parkside Grill (1947-1965)

Interior of Park Side Grill - 1961

The Parkside Grill was a Brookline Boulevard establishment from 1947-1965, located at 1017 Brookline Boulevard, across the street from the cannon and veteran's memorial. It was owned by Joseph and Agnes Daley, parents of local artist Robert Daley.

Pittsburgh Press - 08/26/1947
Pittsbugh Press - August 26, 1947

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 11/5/1952
Pittsbugh Post-Gazette - November 5, 1952

The restaurant was a great place to grab a sandwich, and popular spot for the teen crowd, who frequented the establishment to hang out with friends and have a bite to eat. It was similar to a scene from the hit 1970's sitcom Happy Days, or the award-winning feature film American Graffiti.

Exterior of Park Side Grill - 1961

The building was owned for many years by Robert, an artist who used the storefront as a studio and had several canvases on display in the window. In 2021, the building was sold to private interests and Bob moved his studio into his Brookline home.

Exterior of Park Side Grill - May 1965
May 25, 1965 - Nino's Barber Shop, a tutoring School, the Park Side Grill and the Brookline Beer Distributor.

* Photos provided by Bob Daley *

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