Pittsburgh Newells - 1961

Pittsburgh Newells at Moore Park - 1961

The Pittsburgh Newells were a sandlot football team from the Northside that came to Moore Park for practices and home games. The Newells were brought to Moore Park by Brookline Recreation Director Chuck Senft, a Northside resident and member of the Newells staff. Chuck is not represented in the above photo.

Several Brookline kids were involved with the Newells in 1961. Some of the players include Frank Colletti, Jim Solomon, Lou Martorella, Jim Cavalucci, Anthony Thomas, DeShey Kunzman, Dave Bergwald, Phil Dattisman, Nicky Roman, Joe Marino and Eddie Elwood. Cheerleaders include Cassie Franconeri, Mae Divita and Linda Parotta.

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* Photo provided by Frank Colletti *

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