Brookline Post Office - circa 1947

Brookline Post Office - circa 1947

This is the Brookline Post Office, located at 742 Brookline Boulevard, shown around 1947. The office occupied one of the ground floor businesses of the Ritz Apartment building. The Brookline Station Post Office was opened on September 1, 1935 and remained here until 1958, when the new local branch office opened at 612 Brookline Boulevard. Prior to the opening of the Brookline Station, Brookliners received their mail from the Dormont Post Office.

For many years in the late-1800s until the early 1900s, the Post Office that served the Brookline area, and the rest of West Liberty Borough, was located on West Liberty Avenue near Capital Avenue, in the residence of Mary Beltzhoover, the local postmaster. Her home is shown below.

Brookline Post Office - late 1800s early 1900s

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* Photo provided by Tom Castrodale *

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