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Halloween Parade
 Photo - Oct 1999.

Each year on the weekend before Halloween, the Brookline Chamber of Commerce sponsors the annual Halloween Parade. It is open to adults and children alike, and each year their are plenty of ghouls and goblins, lions and bears, clowns and princesses parading along Brookline Boulevard.

We are not sure exactly when the parade began, although there are articles from the 1940s making reference to the annual event. The Chamber selects a group of judges to select the best costumes and prizes are awarded. It really is a fun day, and if the weathers nice, a great day to take a stroll along the Boulevard and marvel at your costumed neighbors.

The 1999 parade was quite a sight as our neighborhood children descended upon Brookline Boulevard dressed as ghosts, goblins, ghouls, pirates, princesses, clowns, robots, bears, lions and a host of other well-dressed tricksters. Groucho and Harpo were on hand as well as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The weather was unseasonably warm and made for a fine day in the sun.

The parade went from the cannon to Pioneer Avenue and back the other way to the grandstand at Mazza Pavilion. Treats were handed out by some Brookline merchants and, afterwards, prizes were awarded for the Funniest, Prettiest, Scariest and Most Original Costumes.

Prize Winners


1st Place - Jessi Battista (Butt Mommy and Baby)
2nd Place - Blake and Brett Plavchak (Groucho and Harpo)
3rd Place - Jack O'Leary (Cowardly Lion)
H. M. - Zachary Lindow-Straub (Cow)
H. M. - Kylie Oliver (Elephant)


1st Place - Amanda Buckley (Angel)
2nd Place - Brittany Carletti (Butterfly)
3rd Place - Kara McAndrews (Belle)
H. M. - Lauren Furguiel (Scarlett O'Hara)
H. M. - Amanda Kuss (Dorothy and Toto)


1st Place - Jeff Brust (Ghoul With Sword in Torso)
2nd Place - Ashley Evans (Witch)
3rd Place - Amanda Vereneck (Two-Headed Monster)
H. M. - Joe Weisen (Death)
H. M. - Thea Pisano (Zombie)

Most Original

1st Place - Lindsay Davis (Tin Man)
2nd Place - Eddie Price (Robot)
3rd Place - Jessica and P.J. Kopko (Flower and Bee)
H. M. - Joan Cagney (Person of Many Hats)
H. M. - Eric Abbondanza (Race Car)

  Photos from the 1999 Brookline Halloween Parade  

Ainsley, Lucia and
 Ashley looking real scary.

The good

Jack O'Leary and
 Gramma Rene take the Yellow Brick Road.

Halloween Parade
 Photo - Oct 1999.

Halloween Parade
 Photo - Oct 1999.

Halloween Parade
 Photo - Oct 1999.

Halloween Parade
 Photo - Oct 1999.

Halloween Parade
 Photo - Oct 1999.

 Will Robinson!

 among us.

Clowns come in all
 shapes and sizes.

Bears come in all
 shapes and sizes, too.

Groucho, Harpo and
 the Cowardly Lion-o.

Halloween Parade
 Photo - Oct 1999.

Halloween Parade
 Photo - Oct 1999.

Halloween Parade
 Photo - Oct 1999.

  Here is a Blast from the Past  

Halloween Parade in the 80's

The Chamber of Commerce's annual Halloween Parade from the early 1980's. Note the the Mobil station, now a Co-Go's, at the corner of Glenarm Avenue. The price of gas: Regular Unleaded - $1.39; Premium - $1.48. The McDonalds Hamburgler leads the way.

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