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Week #1 - August 30, 2014

Brookline Knights

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* Photos by Thomas Spence, Melissa Cernick, Mark Jameson and Benette Harris *

	WEEK #1 - August 30, 2014               @ Danny McGibbeny Field


	West Mifflin 6 - BROOKLINE 0

	Fumble Recovery: Mark Coleman
	NOTES: Coach Marzina and Brookline's six and seven-year olds
	opened their season with a heart-breaking 6-0 loss to the West
	Mifflin Titans. The two teams battled to a virtual standstill,
	until the final play of the game.

	In a scoreless contest with only seconds remaining on the game
	clock, a West Mifflin runner managed to break free and scamper
	twenty yards to take the cake for the Titans.

	Despite suffering a bitter loss, the Knights defense played a
	strong game and showed a lot of grit and determination. On the
	opposite side of scrimmage line, the offense showed some fine
	moments, including long runs by Kaden Wysong, Max Marzina and
	Tristan Pezzelle.
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	WEEK #1 - August 30, 2014               @ Danny McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 18 - West Mifflin 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Keshawn Harris 30 pass from Racari El (conversion failed)
	Keshawn Harris 50 run (conversion failed)
	Keshawn Harris 30 (conversion failed)

	NOTES: Coach Jason and his nine year-old Knights shut out the
	West Mifflin Titans, 18-0, in their opening contest. The Knight
	offense was led by the swift Keshawn Harris, who slashed and
	dashed his way to three unanswered touchdowns.

	Amere Spencer opened the game with a forty-five yard kickoff
	return to set the stage for a dominating Knights performance.
	From then on Brookline's Green and Black warriors swarmed all
	over the Blue and Gold Titans.

	The Knights defense played an outstanding game, limiting the
	Titans to just one first down. Harris again put on a stellar
	performance with a stinging sack and several bruising tackles.

	WEEK #1 - August 30, 2014               @ Danny McGibbeny Field

	9-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	West Mifflin 7 - BROOKLINE 6

	Scoring Summary:

	Mario Grannison 60 run (conversion failed)

	NOTES: West Mifflin's Junior Titans avenged their older varsity
	brothers with an 8-6 victory in the JV contest. Brookline took
	an early 6-0 lead on a sixty yard bootleg by Mario Grannison.

	The Knights held on until the end of the third quarter, when a
	Titan runner broke loose for a long touchdown to tie the game.
	A good conversion run put West Mifflin over the top.

	The Knights offense opened the game with a furious flurry of
	speedy running,	scoring three long touchdowns in a span of only
	a few minutes. Unfortunately, each of these amazing runs were
	negated by penalties.
	Maurice Trent ran sixty yards to the endzone on Brookline's
	first play from scrimmage. A penalty brought the ball back.
	Undaunted, Trent took the following handoff and covered the
	entire sixty-five yards to the goal line.

	As Knights fans burst into celebration, their joy turned to
	disappointment as yet another yellow flag littered the turf.

	Trent actually broke free again a few plays later and dashed
	another sixty-some yards, only to be brought down from behind
	before reaching pay dirt. The fleet-footed Knight covered
	nearly 200 yards in just the first few minutes of the game.

	To cap off the self-inflicted madness, a third first quarter
	touchdown run of fifty yards by Jaimeer Williams was also
	nullified due to a holding infraction.

	On defense, Dimajio Locante played an outstanding game. He
	registered two sacks and three nice backfield tackles.
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	WEEK #1 - August 30, 2014               @ Danny McGibbeny Field


	BROOKLINE 48 - West Mifflin 0

	Scoring Summary:

	Raeshawn Caldwell 40 run (Antwain Carter run)
	Raeshawn Caldwell 40 punt return
		(Antwan Peterson pass from Mekhi Gay)
	Antwain Carter 35 fumble recovery (Raeshawn Caldwell run)
	Raeshawn Caldwell 60 run (Mekhi Gay run)
	Zaire Nelson 40 run (Michael Jackson run)
	Zaire Nelson 40 run (Michael Jackson run)

	Fumble Recovery: Antwain Carter
	NOTES: Coach Joe Nicholas and his eleven-year old Knights
	opened their season by crushing the West Mifflin Titans 48-0.
	Second-year Brookline Knight Raeshawn Caldwell erupted for
	three touchdowns and a conversion, and Antwain Carter added
	another eight points as Brookline built a 32-0 halftime lead.

	The Knight reserves took over in the second half. Zaire Nelson
	added another two touchdowns to round out the Brookline scoring
	parade. The gritty Green and Black defenders simply overwhelmed
	the hapless Titans to earn their first shutout. Visawn Pennix
	and Carter both registered several brutal backfield tackles.
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	This team is gifted with stable full of thoroughbred runners.
	Quarterback Mekhi Gay has a wide assortment of high-caliber
	weapons at his disposal. It is possible that once this group
	of speedy steeds hit their stride they could emerge as one of
	the Knights most potent offensive juggernauts. And the defense,
	well, they're just plain scary.
"Let's Go Knights! Let's Go Knights!"

"We Say Green. You Say Black. We Say Number. You say ONE!"

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	WEEK #1 - August 30, 2014               @ Danny McGibbeny Field

	11-UNDER JV GAME (exhibition game)

	NOTES: The 11-Under JV game was cancelled due to the heat.

'Curse You, Red Baron.'

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