1960 Brookline Royals Sandlot Football

Photo of 1960 Brookline Royals Sandlot

Front Row: Al Schipani, Bob McCoy, Joe Perrotti, Russell Knipp, Bob Gibson and Frank Ragghianti.
Second Row: Nick Colletti, Orkie Fornear, Jim Weber, Butch Chrisanti, Ray DeCarlo, Tom Connors and Dave DeCarlo.
Back Row: Coach Rich DeCarlo, Jim Degnan, Bill Dattisman, Jerry Jeremias, Vince Fera, Rich Gallagher, Jim Wertz, Frank Vogel and Joe Spain.

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* Photo provided by Vince Fera *

These Brookline Royals were the forerunners to the Brookline Royals of the late 1960s-early 1970s. Not much is known about this Royals team. They disbanded by the mid-1960s. This photo is from a Brookline Journal dated November 3, 1960. The team was 5-3 and preparing for a November 11 game against Castle Shannon. The Royals played their home games at Moore Park. If anyone has any further information on this original Brookline Royals team please contact us via our guestbook.

* Game Results *

1. Brookline Royals 28 <> East Northside 0
2. Brookline Royals 20 <> Beechview 0
3. Monarchs 26 <> Brookline Royals 7
4. Brookline Royals 21 <> Upper Beechview 13

5. Allentown 13 <> Brookline Royals 6
6. Brookline Royals 33 <> Lincoln Lions 0
7. Brookline Royals 40 <> Woods Run 0
8. Allentown 14 <> Brookline Royals 10

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