1976 South Hills High School Tigers

Photo of 1976 South Hills High
School Tigers Varsity Football.

The South Hills High School varsity football team finished the 1976 season with a 6-1-1 record and a third place finish in the Pittsburgh City League. The Tigers outscored their opponents 182-30 and registered six shutouts. Their only loss was to Carrick. The tie was against Westinghouse.

The 1976 season was the first for the newly opened Brashear High School in Beechview, which became the feeder school for the Brookline and Beechview communities. While the Seniors had the option of staying at South Hills for their final year, many talented local underclassmen were transfered to Brashear. The loss of these players may have cost the South Hills Tigers a championship season. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette covered the first South Hills-Brashear game. It was won by the Tigers, 12-0.

Members of the 1976 South Hills High School football team include: Marshall Pritchard 32, Charles Organ 14, Steve Simms 18, Bob Payne 33, Lou Muraco 10, Derek Dorsey 1, Marc McCoy 60, Al Pilarski 54, Don Michelucci 51, Harold Lewis 4, Doug Evans 80, Vernon Dorsey 40, Ted Demianczyk 25, Cathie Honick Mgr, Larry Davis 24, Ted Saunders 65, Scott Enscoe 77, Ron Wetzel 87, Tim Evans 2, Sheldon Herd 76, Mary Ann Mihalko Mgr, Greg Mihalko 72, Carl Finkbeiner 52, Dan Wetzel 58, Alex Xenakis 44, Rodney Brown 47, Bernie Brown 74, Mike Forse 15, Jim English 66, Ray Tedesco 83 and John L. Sullivan 89.

South Hills High School, opened in 1917, was closed in 1985.

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