Brookline Little League Association
2014 Parade Photos

MAY 3 - The Brookline Little League Association held the annual season kick-off parade on Saturday, May 3, 2014. The weather report called for showers, but at 10:00am the sun was shining and the skies were blue.

The parade procession started at the Brookline firehouse and worked it's way along the boulevard until the throng reached Brookline Park. Led by the little Rookie Ballers, the players and coaches were joined by special guests Mayor Bill Peduto, State Senator Wayne Fontana and City Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak. The firemen of Brookline's Engine Company #26 brought up the rear with their pumper truck.

When the kids reached Sam Bryen Fields they took a spot along the outfield fence and hung their banners to be judged. While waiting for the results to be announced the hungry ballplayers were treated to hot dogs and drinks.

"Food, glorious food! Hot dogs and mustard! While we're in the mood ..."

Choosing the best banners from such a large assortment of colorful and well made entries proved a difficult decision. The kids put a lot of effort into them. In the end, the lucky winners were, for the girls, Party Cake Bakery, and for the boys, Moonlight Cafe.

When the judging was over and the ballfields cleared it was time for the games. Although some scattered light drizzles moved in, the clouds held their water most of the day. Then, at 5:30pm, the heavens opened and a down came the rain, putting a wet and blustery ending to an otherwise excellent day.

Rookie Ball is sponsored by the Pittsburgh Pirates and Citiparks B.I.G. League sports.

Some Pictures From Brookline Park
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Special guests Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak, Zone 6 Police Commander Scott Schubert, Mayor Bill Peduto,
State Senator Fontana and Sioehn at Brookline Park (left); Robert "Bibbers" Smith enters his 13th
year as President of the Brookline Little League Association. That's quite a lot of parades!

Another special guest was Tyler Palmer, sitting behind the wheel of
Bibber's limousine. Tyler recently survived quite a health scare.
Although his road to recovery will be a long one, Tyler's
condition is improving every day. Great News!

* Most photos provided by Clint Burton *

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