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Minor League Baseball - 1960
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Little League Action - Opening Day 2011
The Brookline Little League field in 1956. Many improvements have been made throughout the years.

The Brookline Little League has been a neighborhood institution since it's founding back in 1951. Early pioneers like John Pascarosa, Morris Grumet, Frank DeBor and Sam Bryen got together, built a field, and sowed the seeds of a youth sports program that over a half century later is still bearing fruit.

It's fair to say that the vast majority of children that have grown up here in Brookline have played Little League baseball at the old Community Center fields, or at the new Brookline Park Fields. Many have come back in their later years as managers, coaches, umpires and even as League Presidents.

Little League Action - Opening Day 2011
Brookline Little League baseball action on Opening Day, 2011.

It's difficult to overestimate the importance of youth sports of any kind in a child's athletic, mental and social development. Little League baseball has and always will be the #1 youth sport in America, and it's roots run deep here in Brookline. In researching the history of the Brookline community, some of the most talked about memories have been from adults and teens reminiscing about their glory days as a player in the Brookline Little League.

From the humble beginnings of one traveling Pony Team in 1951 to the multi-league magnet of that in the 1980s attracted over 600 kids a season, the Brookline Little League Association has always been a source of pride and trust in our community. Over the years, the standards of safety, competitiveness and spirit have continued to evolve. Just ask the thousands upon thousands of Brookline kids who grew up playing Little League baseball.

Drawing by Doug Brendel, 2009.
This is pretty much how it looked
in 1973 from the top of the hill.
Drawn from memory. Good job!
A drawing of the Brookline Little League field as it looked in the 1970s.

As for myself and my friends, it seemed as if we grew up at the Little League fields. In the early 1970s there wasn't a whole lot more to do. It wasn't like today, where kids have so many choices. We played baseball from dawn to dusk, every day. We spent the afternoon at the fields, went home to eat, then returned to watch the games at night. We waited patiently by the outfield fences for a home run ball to clear, then darted into the woods to retrieve the ball. If we returned it to Sam Bryen, he'd give us a free iceball. It was pure Norman Rockwell. It was Brookline Little League baseball. It was a rite of passage. It was the place to be.

For those of us who played "back in the day", who can forget the anticipation of waiting for the Thursday mail to see a copy of the Brookline Journal. Editor Dale Noah and his wiley staff of reporters (Mas Neyrb, Gna Ollusam, Gib Nad Eht Nam and Ink Scribes) brought the Little League games alive in print. The previous week's games were covered in grand style, and kids eagerly scanned the text to find their names, just as if it were Major League baseball.

Brookline Journal dated June 2, 1977

My playing days were from 1970 through 1980. During those eleven years I was coached by Joe Power, Danny McGibbeny and Sharkey Romano. From 1998 through 2001 I returned to coach a Senior League team. As a player and coach I had some terrible teams, and I had some really good teams. I learned to lose with pride, and I learned to win with dignity. I learned teamwork and I learned discipline. I learned to respect authority and I learned about relationships. Above all, I learned a lot about myself, and have carried that knowledge around with me for many years, along with a myriad of good memories.

The Brookline Little League Association is one of our community's best and brightest assets. It's so much more than baseball. We hope you enjoy this look back in time.

Pony League Action - May 2012
Brookline Pony League baseball action on McGibbeny Field, May 23, 2012.

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