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Team Lineage/History (1951-2014)

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The Beginning

The roots of the Brookline Little League Association can be traced back to 1951, when a group of baseball enthusiasts, led by John Pascarosa, organized a baseball program for the children of our community. In that first year, under the sponsorship of DeBor Funeral Home, a traveling Pony League team (13-14 year olds) competed in the South Hills League. Also, there were weekend gatherings for kids aged nine through twelve at Moore Park, an instructional program so-to-speak, where the children could play supervised games.

In 1952, when construction of the new Community Center Field in East Brookline was completed, the Brookline Business Men's Association (soon to be the Brookline Chamber of Commerce) founded the Brookline Little League Association (for many years known as the Brookline Chamber of Commerce Little League) and the program was chartered as an official Williamsport organization.

During the 1952 season, Brookline fielded four in-house Little League teams (9-12 year olds): Community Center, Kiwanis Club, Ebenshire Village and American Legion. The league officers that first official Little League season were Morris Grumet, president; J.J. McGaffin, vice-president; John Pascarosa, secretary; Eugene Means, treasurer; Charley Waterson, player agent; Jack Ashworth, field representative; Dave Frick, head umpire.

Pony/Senior League

The traveling Pony League team continued their seasons at Moore Park, with sponsorship changing to American Legion from 1956-61. Additionally, for only two seasons, 1958-59, DeBor Funeral Home sponsored a second traveling Pony team, giving Brookline two South Hills League entrants.

In 1956, in an effort to provide more playing time for the graduates of the Little League program, the Brookline Prep League (13-16 year olds) was formed, with games played at Moore Park. The Prep League consisted of four teams: DeBor Funeral Home, Liepack's Pharmacy, Boulevard Cafe and American Legion. The Prep League had but a two-year run as a Pony-type program, then changed to a 15-17 year old organization, the forerunner to our current Colt League team.

Then, in 1960, an in-house Pony League program was started, with games again played at Moore Park. The Brookline Pony program fielded four teams, DeBor Funeral Home, Kravec Construction, Denmark's Cafe and Automatic Sales, and was made possible by generous donations by the Little League Women's Auxiliary, headed at the time by Mrs. Jack Flavin.

Finally, in 1962, a larger Pony size field at the Community Center was excavated from the hillside adjacent to the Little League field. The Pony program was enlarged to an officially chartered Williamsport Senior League (13-15 year olds) program and played their games exclusively at the Community Center. The elder program also took on two more teams and went to a six team schedule, a format that would continue until the Senior League was disbanded in 2002. The six Brookline in-house Senior teams in 1962 were: DeBor Funeral Home, McGaffin's Construction, Automatic Sales, Denmark's Cafe, American Legion and Nolan's Hardware.

In the meantime, the year 1958 saw the Little League program, now under the guidance of newly elected president Sam Bryen, also expanded to a six team format, one that would continue until the 2002 season. The six Little League teams for that expansion season were: American Legion, Sam's Hardware, Quaill's Cleaners, Kiwanis Club, Liepack's Pharmacy and Community Center.

Minor League

The present Minor League program has its roots in the Brookline Day League (8-12 year olds), which was formed in 1956 and supervised by Jim Wertz, Elmer Miller and John Voelker. The Day League played its games at the Community Center Field Monday thru Friday afternoons and had eight teams named after Major League Clubs. This program soon dwindled to a Saturday afternoon program due to lack of funding and remained as such until 1972.

Then, in 1973, under the leadership of Jack "Stanky" Lombardi, an organized Minor League program was started to replace the Saturday afternoon free-for-alls. The first season included six teams, wearing cast-off Little League uniforms and named after their respective coaches (Walter's, Zeker's, Tripodi's, Dugan's, Camarco's and McGee's). The following season, official team sponsors were recruited and new uniforms were presented to the clubs. Those initial six teams were: Ted Captaingeorge Flower Shop, Joe's Tavern, Lombardi's, Davoli Brothers, Al Buechel and Resurrection.

The Minor League originally was for the 9-12 year olds who did not make the Little League cut, but sometime in the early 1990s, the format was changed. The Minor League became exclusively for the 9-10 year olds and the Little League only drew from the 11-12 year olds. The six-team format endured through the 2003 season, when the number of teams was reduced to five.

Girl's Softball

The Girl's softball program started in 1977, with a Little League (9-12 year olds) and Senior League (13-16 year olds) program, each fielding five teams and playing their games on the old boy's Senior field at night under the newly installed lights (The boy's program had moved their games to the newly constructed Danny McGibbeny Field). The girl's Little League was comprised of: Stebbrook Pharmacy, Brookline Mobil, Cibrone's Bakery, Pusateri's Texaco and M.S. Jacobs. The five girl's Senior League teams were: Sandroni's Pub, Party Cake, Castle Tavern, Dom's Cafe and The Better Half.

The girl's format continued uninterrupted until the 2004 season, when the Senior Girl's League was disbanded. To replace the Boy's and Girl's Senior Leagues, Brookline now fields several traveling teams that compete in the South Hills League.

Growth and Decline

By the time the Brookline Little League Association entered the decade of the 1980s, the baseball/softball program was comprised of twenty-eight (28) teams, eighteen boys clubs and ten girls. By the turn of the century, there were more than forty businesses and individuals actively sponsoring teams in the ever-expanding organization, which then included Instructional (5-6 year old boys), T-Ball (7-8 year old boys), Pinto (5-8 year old girls), Minor League (9-10 year old boys), traveling Pony teams (13-14 year old boys), traveling fast and slow pitch teams (13-16 year old girls), Colt League (15-16 year old boys, and an American Legion entry (17-18 year old boys), in addition to the standard boy's (11-12 year old) and girl's (9-12 year old) Little League programs.

The first decade of the 2000s an ongoing population decline within the community resulted in a subsequent decline in registrations. The Colt and American Legion teams were disbanded, and the number of teams in the boy's and girl's leagues were reduced. Although the program was shrinking, for the many hundreds of kids enrolled, there was no lack of enthusiasm when the spring colors began to bloom.

The registration decline continued and by the mid-2010s the program was struggling to continue the inhouse leagues. A brief merger with Castle Shannon kept the in-house Little League program alive through the 2014 season.

Traveling Teams

The gradual shift to traveling teams, one which began a decade earlier, now became the future direction of the BLLA program. After the 2014 season, the inhouse leagues, which began in 1950s and produced a lasting legacy of athletic achievement and community involvement, was no more.

Today, the Community Center ballfields are still bustling with activity in the spring and summer months, and Brookline baseball/softball is one of the best tickets in town. BLLA offers opportunities for children to represent the community by participating in the Pirates' Rookie Ball program for youngsters and a number of traveling squads. These Brookline teams have garnered a fine reputation as some of the best in the city, making regular appearances in Pittsburgh's prestigious Mayor's Cup title games at PNC Park.


Over the decades, with the program growing in size from the original five teams to nearly fifty, changes in sponsorship became as familiar as the migrating of professional franchises. Only DeBor Funeral Home remains from the original group of team sponsors, and Party Cake Bakery, was the only consistent presence on the girl's side from their original 1976 sponsors.

So many businesses and individuals donated the funds to support teams. Without their generosity, the league would never have been able to sustain its growth or it's reputation for providing a quality service to our children.

The community owes a large debt of gratitude to these folks, who for over seventy years have given their time and energies towards making the Brookline Little League a safe and competitive haven for the children of Brookline.

Who's Who?

For some of the older folks, who spent their childhood years playing baseball on the Community Center fields, it is hard to look at the yearly lineup of teams and figure out who is who in relation to the teams that were present in their time. With the exception of DeBor Funeral Home and Party Cake Bakery, the only two teams that remained constant over the years, trying to figure out which team is/was yours can be a little difficult.

So, for those of you who sometimes wonder how our old memories fit in with the march of time, below is a partial lineage of the boy's Senior, Little and Minor Leagues, listing the different team names and the changes over the years. It's also a nice listing of many of the sponsors whose good will has made a difference over the years.

Boys Senior League (1960-2001)

1... DeBor Funeral Home (2001-1960).
(Titles - 11)

2... Toole Auto Body (2001-1986) >> Spinning Wheels (1985-1982) >> Manor House Realty (1981-1979) >> J.J. McGaffin Construction (1978-1961) >> Kravec Construction (1960).
(Titles - 5)

3... Fiori's Pizza (2001-1998) >> The Brookline Lions Club (1997-1994) >> Jimmy's Restaurant (1993-1988) >> Pollice Construction (1987-1985) >> Castle Tavern (1984-1982) >> The Castle (1981-1978) >> Denmark's Cafe (1977-1968) >> Automatic Sales (1967-1960).
(Titles - 7)

4... Weiss Automotive (2001-1999) >> Brookline Distributing (1998) >> Steve Poremski Plumbing (1997-1996) >> American Legion Post#540 (1995-1962)
(Titles - 5)

5... Chamber of Commerce (2001) >> Brookline Regional Catholic (2000-1998) >> Internal Medicine (1997) >> Stebbrook Pharmacy (1996-1978) >> Stebbrook Healthland (1977-1972) >> Fred Spadafore Roofing (1971-1966) >> Nolan's Hardware (1965-1962).
(Titles - 9)

6... Morgan's (2001-1998) >> NO TEAM (1997-1994) >> The Brookline Lions Club (1993-1972) >> Miller Roofing (1971-1970) >> Automatic Sales (1969-1968) >> Denmark's Cafe (1967-1960).
(Titles - 5)

Note: Denmark's Cafe and Automatic Sales swapped sponsorships in 1968.

Boys Little League (1952-2014)

1... RPM (2014) >> R&G Contracting (2013) >> Steeltown Sportswear (2012-2011) >> Michael Poremski Plumbing (2010-2002) >> Burton's Buccaneers (2001-2000) >> Brookline Pirates (1999) >> St. Marks (1998-1970) >> Sam's Hardware (1969-1954) >> Ebenshire Village (1953-1952).
(Titles - 9)

2... Howard Hanna Realty (2014-2002) >> Steve Poremski Plumbing (2001-1998) >> American Legion Post#540 (1997-1952).
(Titles - 20)

3... Medicine Shoppe (2014-1997) >> Resurrection (1996-1981) >> Brookline Pharmacy (1980-1972) >> Droz Steel (1971-1962) >> Community Center (1961-1952).
(Titles - 6)

4... Roell Contracting (2014-2012) >> Krazy Brothers Pizza (2011-2009) >> Party Cake (2008-2004) >> Rick's Auto Service (2003-1998) >> Gordon's Lounge (1997-1991) >> Brookline Social Club (1990-1985) >> B.Y.M.C. (1984-1967) >> West Liberty Athletic Association (1966-1965) >> Kiwanis Club (1964-1952).
(Titles - 13)

5... NO TEAM (2014-2006) >> Knights of Columbus (2005) >> NO TEAM (2004-2003) >> Bob Hayes Photography (2002-1995) >> Droz Steel (1994-1976) >> Tony's Barber Shop (1975-1973) >> Charles' Champions (1972) >> Manco's Pharmacy (1971-1966) >> Liepack's Pharmacy (1965-1958)
(Titles - 5)

6... NO TEAM (2012-2002) >> Knights of Columbus (2001-1989) >> Parajax (1988-1986) >> Volpatt Tile (1985-1979) >> Quaill's Cleaners (1978-1958).
(Titles - 8)

Boys Minor League (1974-2014)

1... Moonlite Cafe (2014-2013) >> Bob's Towing (2012) >> Roell Contracting (2011) >> TAS Sportswear (2010-2008) >> Conditioned Air (2007-2004) >> Chamber of Commerce (2003-2002) >> Big Mouth's Pizza (2001) >> West Coast Video (2000-1992) >> Devine Painting (1991-1981) >> Resurrection (1980-1974)
(Titles - 10)

2... A-Boss Opticians (2014) >> Toole Auto Body (2013) >> Michael Poremski Plumbing (2012-2011) >> A-Boss Opticians (2010-1994) >> Plainview (1993-1992) >> Climax Floors (1991-1986) >> Betrose (1985-1983) >> Nellis Sports Center (1982-1981) >> Brookline Sports Center (1980-1976) >> Al Buechel (1975-1974)
(Titles - 7)

3... Englehardt Upholstering (2014-2013) >> Krazy Brothers Pizza (2012) >> Seven Eleven (2011-2010) >> Weiss Automotive (2009) >> Antonio's Pizzeria (2008) >> Fox's Pizza (2007) >> Federated Mortgage (2006-2005) >> Office Furniture (2004) >> Getaway Cafe (2003-1995) >> Chuck's Auto (1994) >> PV's Pizza (1993-1989) >> Boulevard Men's Shop (1988-1976) >> Ted Captaingeorge Flower Shop (1975-1974)
(Titles - 7)

4... NO TEAM (2014-2013) >> Vinnie's Pretzels (2013-2012) >> Moonlite Cafe (2011-2010) >> Sullivan's Auto (2009-2007) >> Fat Heads Bar (2006) >> Sullivan's Auto (2005-1998) >> Community Council (1997) >> Collector's Expo (1996) >> Jay's Hardware (1995-1989) >> Fred's Hardware (1988-1985) >> Conditioned Air (1984-1982) >> Delta Realty (1981-1979) >> Volpatt Tile (1978-1976) >> Davoli Brothers (1975-1974)
(Titles - 7)

5... NO TEAM (2014-2006) >> Rick's Auto (2005-2004) >> Conditioned Air (2003-1995) >> Baseball School (1994) >> Bob Smith Ford (1993-1976) >> Joe's Tavern (1975-1974)
(Titles - 4)

6... NO TEAM (2014-2001) >> Big Mouth's Pizza (2000-1994) >> Tidy Tony's (1993-1991) >> Boulevard Lounge (1990-1976) >> Lombardi's (1975-1974)
(Titles - 4)

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