1042 Bellaire Avenue - 1927
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1042 Bellaire Avenue - 1927

This is the house at 1042 Bellaire Avenue, between Starkamp and Edgebrook, in the year 1927. The house was built by James N. Addis and his father Samuel C. Addis. James was a 1913 graduate of Brookline School and a member of their varsity basketball team. James' son Jim Addis, who sent in this photo, was born here in 1934. The family moved to a new home in Brookline in 1936. That is James N. Addis and his wife Julia standing on the front porch.

* Photos provided by Jim Addis *

1042 Bellaire Avenue - 1927

This is the same home in the year 2004. The house has been well taken care of over the last 77 years. The bay window is a nice addition. The blue color also adds a nice touch. Mr. Addis would be pleased to see his first home so well cared for.

James N. Addis(center) and
 daughter - backyard 1112 Milan Avenue

This photo shows James N. Addis (center) holding his daughter, in 1930. The older gentleman to the left is Joseph Freeauf, the father-in-law of James N. Addis. His son, William Freeauf, stands to the right. The picture was taken in the backyard of the family home.

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