Birchland St at Brookline Blvd - 1966
Then and Now

39-Brookline at the corner of
 Brookline  Blvd and Birchland St - 1966

Port Authority Trolley 39-Brookline passes the corner of Birchland Street (the cobblestone hill) and Brookline Boulevard. This area has changed dramatically since this photo was taken in 1966. The tracks are gone and all of the metal poles supporting the electric cabling have been removed. Where there is only only brush to the immediate left is now the entrance to Brookline Memorial Park. The Boulevard is totally paved and now four lanes wide, and the shopping center on the left, which housed Manco's Pharmacy, Open Pantry and the Coin-Op Laundromat at Breining Street is now the site of a Senior highrise apartment building.

* Photo provided by Tom Castriodale *

The corner of
 Brookline  Blvd and Birchland St - 2004

The corner of Brookline Boulevard and Birchland Street in 2004.

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