Brookline Boulevard - 1913
Then and Now

Brookline Boulevard, 1913

Here is a photo of Brookline Boulevard at Queensboro Avenue in 1913. Note the old United Presbyterian Church, or the original Stone Chapel, where the present U.P. Church stands today. Work had not yet begun on the present church building. Also note Resurrection School, towering above all other buildings up on Creedmoor Avenue, as it still does today. It was under construction at the time and completed the following year.

Brookline Boulevard near
 Queensboro, 2004

Here is the same view of Brookline Boulevard at Queensboro Avenue 93 years later, in 2004. Note the larger United Presbyterian Church behind the trees of Triangle Park (the new church was built around the original building from the upper photo). Resurrection's old school buildings still tower over all other buildings on Creedmoor Avenue. There are a lot more trees and the cannon replaces the old Freehold Real Estate office.

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