Brookline Memorial Park
Then and Now

The Anderson Farm - 1936

There is probably no more contrasting view than the transformation of the Anderson Farm into Brookline Memorial Park. Although these pictures are taken from different angles, it's amazing to note the many changes from past to present. This picture shows the Anderson Farm, looking south to north from Breining Street, taken in 1936.

Brookline Memorial Park - 1981.

Brookline Park in 1981, looking north to south from Brookline Boulevard. The terrain is being extensively landscaped during the final phase of the construction of Brookline Memorial Park.

Brookline Memorial Park - 2002.

Brookline Park in 2002, twenty years after park construction was completed, looking to the southeast. The photos below show the park looking to the north from Breining Street, a similar angle as the farm picture at top of page.

Brookline Memorial Park - 1996

Brookline Memorial Park - 1998

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