Edgebrook Avenue - 1929

The lower end of Edgebrook Avenue
near the Saw Mill Run intersection - 1928

These photos show the lower end of Edgebrook Avenue, near Saw Mill Run Boulevard. Edgebrook is one of the original roads in Brookline, linking Brookline Boulevard with Saw Mill Run. The Fisher Farm was located slightly further up the road near the midway point of Edgebrook Avenue for many years. The railroad bridge was built in 1902 as part of the Wabash Pittsburgh Terminal Railway and is still in use today by the Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railroad.

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Intersection of Edgebrook Avenue
and Saw Mill Run Boulevard - 1929.    Edgebrook Avenue - 1929.

The image on the left, taken in 1928, shows the intersection with Saw Mill Run Boulevard. Edgebrook Avenue heads right-to-left in the photo, and the bridge over Saw Mill Run Creek is barely visible. Today this is the location of a car dealership. The photo on the right shows the cement mixer used during construction of Saw Mill Run Boulevard in 1929. Aggregate was dumped directly from the train cars above into the mixer. The product was then moved by small gauge rail car to the desired location.

The home at Edgebrook Avenue
and Timberland Avenue - 2005

This final picture, taken in 2005, shows the three-story white home that stands in the background behind the railroad bridge at the corner of Edgebrook and Timberland Avenue.

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