Freedom Avenue - 1924

Freedom Avenue - 1924
A wagon hauling rocks turns off Merrick Avenue onto Freedom Avenue.

Freedom Avenue in 1924 was still a dirt roadway linking Merrick with Woodbourne Avenue, with cross-streets at Wareman, Creedmoor, Chelton and Berkshire Avenues. Residential home construction in this area was happening at a rapid pace. Other infrastructure improvements were coming. The transformation of Freedom from a dirt road to a modern street would be complete when the sewers were in place and the street paved in red brick and belgium block. The horse and wagon was still the primary form of transportation for construction materials.

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Wareman and Freedom Avenue - 1924  Chelton and Freedom Avenue - 1924
Looking towards the intersection with Wareman Avenue (left). A street sign is visible between the automobiles.
The ivy covered house (right) is on the corner of Freedom and Chelton Avenues.

Berkshire and Freedom Avenue - 1924  Berkshire and Freedom Avenue - 1924
The corner of Freedom and Berkshire Avenue, looking northwest along Berkshire towards Oakridge,
showing both sides of the street and new home construction on the right.

Berkshire and Freedom Avenue - 1924  Woodbourne and Freedom Avenues - 1924
The corner of Freedom and Berkshire Avenues (left), looking towards Woodbourne Avenue. The corner of
Woodbourne and Freedom Avenues (right) looking northwest along Woodbourne.

Freedom Avenue and Berkshire Avenue street sign
Note the mispelling - 'Freedon Avenue' - 1924
Signpost at Freedom and Berkshire Avenue.
Note the mispelling - "Freedon Ave".

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