J.E. Harris' West Liberty News Agency - 1916

J.E. Harris' West Liberty News Agency - 1916

The J.E. Harris' West Liberty News Agency, owned by James and Edith Harris, was one of the first new businesses to be built along the path of the recently reconstructed West Liberty Avenue. Shown here in June 1916, the building was located just north of the Pioneer Avenue intersection, next to the home of Peter Shaffner, who had until recently operated a wagon repair shop at that same location.

The Harris' were emigrants from England who settled in Brookline. After Mr. Harris passed, Mrs. Harris ran the business until retiring in the mid-1960s. For a brief time the building was a small restaurant. It was torn down in the early 1970s.

Jim Bradley, a long-time Brookliner who now resides in Virginia, recalls visiting Harris' store ...

"I grew up nearby in the '50s and early '60s. I remember going to'Mrs. Harris' Store' when we could find spare change for candy or a bottle of pop. It was like stepping back in time, as the store still had the original wood and glass display cases, with some merchandise that also looked to be as old."

"There were a couple of small tables and chairs made from wood and twisted wire. Mrs. Harris was a sweet old lady who was hard of hearing. She wore a hearing aid that had a loud squeal when the volume was up. Despite that, she would sit and chat with us kids, often telling stories of her childhood in England."

J.E. Harris' West Liberty News Agency - 1916
A man and child walk past J.E. Harris' Confectionery in 1931.

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