Mazza Pavilion Apartments - 1981

Building Mazza Pavilion - 1981

Here is a photo taken in July of 1981 that shows the super structure of the Brookline Terrace (now called Mazza Pavilion) senior citizens highrise and public parking garage. The building was completed in April, 1982 and is located on the 900 block of Brookline Boulevard.

* Photo provided by Marlene Curran *

The Mazza Pavilion - 2004

Mazza Pavilion, twenty-two years later, in 2004. Not long after this photo was taken, in 2008, the Mazza Pavilion was closed due to structural problems. A decision was made to rebuild the structure. The building was stripped back down to the steel frame and completely rebuilt. The new Mazza Pavilion building opened in 2012.

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