Moore Park Pool - 1946
Then and Now

The pool at
 Moore Park - 1946

For 42 years, until the new pool was opened in East Brookline, Moore Pool was the only place for Brookliners to swim, unless you made the trip to South Park or Dormont. Since it was free to swim in those days, a trip to the cement pond was the best alternative, and since it seemed that everyone was there, it became a daily haven from the summer heat. Moore Park has an olympic sized pool and there was enough room for a pretty fair crowd. It was the place to be.

Back in the day, the pool had a high dive and two lower platforms, and the deep end of the pool measured 16 feet. The cement beach and the cement seats above the pool were always packed with sunbathers and the pool was generally a little crowded.

To enter the pool, you had to go into the building and down the stairs to the locker room. There, you would be issued a metal bin for your clothes and then a tag to note which bin belonged to you. If you lost the tag, which happened often, you'd have to barter with the attendant to get your clothes back. It was all in fun, but as little kids we were not quite sure how to react at first. It was sort of like initiation for the little guys.

Many local teens spent nearly every summer day at Moore Pool. Those from East Brookline would walk the mile and a half and swim all day. For added entertainment, they'd watch the daily ritual of the adventurous few who would double and sometimes triple spring each other off the high dive to see who could make the highest and biggest splash. Parents and their little ones would pack the low end and the deep end was the domain of the older crowd.

Today, the diving boards have been replaced by a water slide, and the deep end was filled in so that the pool is only six feet at its deepest point. When entering, you just go around the side, bypassing the building, and show your Citiparks pool tag. No lockers, no damp and musty locker room, and no worry about the metal tags.

The photo above shows the pool area as it appeared back in 1946. The photo below is from the fall of 2004, showing the new water slide. The pool looks pretty much the same, but outside the fence there is now an abundance of trees where in yesteryear there were just a few bushes and open space.

The pool at
 Moore Park - 2004

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