Page's Pittsburgh Milk Company
(Headquarters Country Belle Cooperative)

Page's Pittsburgh Milk Company

A delivery truck for Page's Pittsburgh Milk Company, shown here in the Oakland neighborhood, near the Carnegie Library, circa 1940. In this promotional photo, the truck pictured was modified by the Schnabel Company, a metal fabrication firm then located on Pittsburgh's South Side.

Page's was located at 1623 Saw Mill Run Boulevard from 1938 to 1954, when it joined a co-operative of nine regional diaries and continued under the name "Country Belle." The dairy plant continued to operate until the early 1970s, when it filed for bankruptcy.

The Page's Dairy facility - 10/29/1941.
The Page's Dairy plant on Saw Mill Run Boulevard - October 29, 1941.

Page's was founded by John D. Page in 1899 in a small plant located at 1906 Bedford Avenue in the Hill District. John D. Page and Sons Company was officially incorporated in 1915. The name was changed to Page's in 1934. Four years later, in 1938, the dairy moved to a new plant along Saw Mill Run, at Fine Way in Carrick.

In 1948, Page's purchased the Pittsburgh Milk Company and acquired a 43-truck fleet and 8000 wholesale and retail customers. The name was changed to Page's Pittsburgh Milk Company and the Saw Mill Run plant was expanded and modernized.

Page's Pittsburgh Milk Company milk jar       Page's Milk Company holiday advertisement

By 1954 Page's had grown to the fourth largest dairy in the district and entered into an agreement with nine other firms to form a co-operative that did business under the name "Country Belle."

The headquarters of the Country Belle Cooperative Farmers was at Page's Saw Mill Run location. The dairy operated for twenty years before filing for bankruptcy in 1974. The Saw Mill Run property and all of the milk processing equipment were auctioned off in October 1975.

Most recently, the former Page's Pittsburgh Milk Company, or "Country Belle" location has been home to RAD Auto Shop and Davey Plumbing.

The Country Belle dairy facility - 1965.
The Country Belle dairy plant on Saw Mill Run Boulevard - May 24, 1965.

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