Pioneer Avenue - 1916

Intersection of Pioneer Avenue
and Berkshire Avenue - 1916.
Pioneer Avenue at the intersection with Berkshire Avenue in 1916.

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These photos show Pioneer Avenue from Berkshire Avenue through to the intersection with McNeilly Road back in 1916. The roadway was still not much more than a wagon path from Brookline Elementary School to McNeilly Road. During this time the city was paving most roadways throughout the Brookline community. Pioneer Avenue was ready for a facelift.

Pioneer Avenue at the intersection with
Jillson looking towards Woodbourne Avenue - 1916  Pioneer Avenue near Kenilworth Avenue looking
towards Fordham Avenue and the bend leading
to Brookline Elementary School - 1916.

The intersection with Jillson Avenue (left), across the street from Brookline Elementary, looking towards Woodbourne Avenue. On the right is Pioneer Avenue from near Kenilworth Avenue, looking in the direction of Fordham Avenue and the bend to the left that leads to Brookline Elementary.

Pioneer Avenue from near Kenilworth
looking towards Brookline Elementary - 1916.

Looking along Pioneer Avenue towards McNeilly Road and West Liberty Avenue from near Kenilworth. The lush fields of the Fleming estate still dominate the landscape to the left and right. Waddington Avenue is to the right past the wagons and McNeilly Road cuts down to the left in the distance. The tall building in the distance is located on West Liberty Avenue, next to the present-day Eat'n Park restaurant.

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