South Hills Coal Company - 1930

South Hills Coal Company
 on McNeilly Road - 1930

The South Hills Coal Company operated several mines along McNeilly Road and Library Road during the early 20th century. This mining operation was located on McNeilly Road, also known as Elwyn Street, near the railroad tunnel. Today, this is the location of Facchiano Construction.

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South Hills Coal Company - 1930    South Hills Coal Company - 1930
The South Hills Coal Company located on McNeilly Road near the railroad tunnel.

Approaching Library Road and McNeilly Road - 1930.    Entrance to the South Hill Coal Mine - 1930.
Library Road approaching McNeilly Road at the bridge (left) and the Pittsburgh Railways trestle and Wabash Tunnel
that led to the South Hills Coal Company located on the other side of the tunnel along McNeilly Road.

Beware of Abandoned Mines

Coal Mine along Elwyn Street - 1931.    1937 Coal Mine along Library Road - 1937.
A mine entrance on Elwyn Street in 1931 (left) and an abandoned entrance off Library Road in 1937.

Coal mining was once a major enterprise in the South Hills. Although these mining ventures are now just a part of our distant past, their legacy remains. Two of the more threatening after-effects are the potential for mine subsidence and the dangers of abandoned mine shafts.

The best estimates are that 95% of the homes in our area have been undermined. Although subsidence is not a major problem in the Brookline area, it does happen on occasion, and the results can be disastrous. Old mine shafts are another hazard. A curiosity for the adventurous few, many times a trip into an abandoned tunnel has had dire consequences. Most, if not all, of these entrances have been sealed and are inaccessible. However, every once in a while, one of the shafts return to the light of day, as happened in October 2007. During the reconfiguration of Library Road near the intersection with McNeilly Road, one of the Elwyn mine shafts was unearthed during excavation of the hillside.

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Elwyn Mine Entrance on Library Road - 2007

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