Dedication Of New Playground
April 1997

Mayor Murphy dedicates new playground.

Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy addresses the crowd at the dedication of the new playground facilities at Brookline Memorial Recreation Center in the Spring of 1997. It had been a long wait for Brookline children, but they finally had a first class play areas with brand new equipment. The playground at Moore Park had been refurbished two years earlier.

Brookline Park Playground - circa 1988.
The Brookline Park playground equipment in 1988.

The new equipment consisted of swings and an assortment of modern multi-purpose child-safe features, in addition to a soft cushioned surface. These were much needed improvements to the Recreation Center area. The old rusting slides, swings and other attractions dated back to the early 1970s and were becoming a hazard.

The old park equipment - 1981.    The old park equipment - 1988.
The Brookline Park playground in 1981 (left) and in 1998, a year after the renovation.

In the Fall of 2013 (shown below), sixteen years after the dedication, Brookline Park's playground equipment still stands as it did in 1997. With only minor maintenance, it has served the children of Brookline well.

Brookline Park playground - April 2013.

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