Master Plan for Brookline Park Reconstruction
(submitted May 1975)

Master Plan for Brookline Park,
submitted in May of 1975.

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This is a copy of the master plan, submitted in May of 1975, for the reconstruction and enlargement of Brookline Memorial Park. Since the park was opened in 1947, the Brookline Memorial Community Center Association had been working towards this goal. Their efforts ended in 1966, when the park was sold to the city for one dollar, with the promise that the park would be developed.

The Recreation Center building came first, in 1971. Then, in the spring of 1975, the engineers began the task of filling in the ravine, which required a half million cubic yards of landfill. The fill zone was developed first, with the baseball/football field completed in 1977. The final phase of construction began in 1981, including the swimming pool, tennis courts* and upper baseball fields. The entire project was completed in the summer of 1982.

It is interesting to note the subtle changes that occurred between 1975 and the park's completion in 1982. All things considered, the project worked out pretty much as planned, with only minor adjustments.

* The tennis courts were removed and replaced with a small ballfield in 2001. The swimming pool was backfilled and replaced witn a DEK Hockey Rink in 2013. Also note the absence of the upper parking area, which was added to the plan during the final phase.

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