Brookline Park
Building Sam Bryen Fields

Constructing the new fields.    Constructing the new fields.

Phase three of the construction of Brookline Park included the building of the new Little League baseball/softball complex. The fields were completed in time for the final games of the 1981 Little League season. Much of the field space was cut from the hillside and the excess dirt used as landfill to enlarge the area.

The "Wall of Fame" at the park entrance was built first as a reference point. The photos above are taken from where the upper roadway leading into the park from Breining Street was graded downward to make additional parking.

Constructing the new fields.

This final view is from the right field corner of the current girls softball field. The wooden frame in the distance is where the spectator stands are located between two fields. The boy's baseball field is on the other side of the seating area.

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