The Brookline Community Center

The entrance to the Brookline Community Center.

This is a photo of the entrance to the Brookline Memorial Community Center off of Breining Street. If you look carefully at the sign you will see the words "Entrance - Brookline Memorial Community Center Park."

For years this was the entrance to the Anderson Farm, which had occupied this land for over 75 years. Bought by the Community Center Association in the late 1940s for $20,000 this land would eventually evolve into the Brookline Memorial Park of today.

Years of hard work went into the development of this park, and it was a grand day for the children of Brookline when that sign was hung. It meant that our kids now had a place to play, and the community now had enough land to begin the work of building a park for the enjoyment of all of the citizens of Brookline.

Note: The house on the left was the home of Emma Anderson Schulze, one of the eleven children of James and Mary Anderson, the original owners of the farm. Emma was born on this land and worked the farm for many years. Emma and the entire Anderson family took much pride in the fact that the land that they had toiled over for so many years was now being developed for the children of Brookline. Emma lived in the home until her death in the late-1970s.

* Photo provided by Doris Anderson Morrison *

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