Charlie McLaughlin
Insurance Agent and District Justice

 Justice Charlie McLaughlin.

As memorable personalities go, Charles A. McLaughlin was quite a figure in the Brookline community and the South Hills area.

Involved for years in politics, civic causes, church events, athletics, business and fraternal groups, in 1985 Charlie succeeded long-time incumbent Pete Wagner as District Judge for Pittsburgh’s 19th Ward, comprising Brookline, Beechview, Mount Washington and Duquesne Heights. He held that seat for the next quarter century.

Charlie McLaughlin
 and friends.
Charlie, third from left, inspecting new parking meters on Brookline Boulevard in May 1984.
He is joined by Jim Moran, Jim Mongelli, and Parking Enforcement Officer Ruby White.

Before becoming a judge, Charlie served in Germany during an early-60s hitch in the Army, then became a commercial insurance agent. For sixteen years, before assuming office, he operated his own business, McLaughlin Agency, at 736 Brookline Boulevard, with his wife, Marie.

Charlie retired in 2009 and became a senior district judge. working until May 2015.

Charles A. McLaughlin, 73, passed on August 19, 2015. He was survived by his wife and four children, Julie, Charlie, Chris and Marc, along with nine grandchildren. Justice McLaughlin is buried at the Cemetery of the Alleghenies.

Portrait of Justice Charlie McLaughlin

Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. said this of Charlie:

"He is a model for all district justices who came after him. He was great, personable and the funniest guy I’ve ever known."

Anyone who knew this remarkable man would have to agree. Rest in peace, Charlie.

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Charlie and Phyllis 
Charlie presents Chamber of Commerce secretary
Phyllis Carver with a citation from the State
House of Representatives in October 1984.

Porky Chedwick and friends, 2004
Charlie and Friends (left to right): State Representative Michael Diven, City Council President Gene Ricciardi,
District 4 Councilman Jim Motznik, Diana Lyn, District Magistrate Charles McLaughlin, Phyllis
DiDiano, Porky Chedwick, Joan Gaetano, and Sue Pfeuffer in 2004.

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