Officer Alex Hogel
Neighborhood Police Officer

Picture of Officer Alex Hogel.

This is a photo of Brookline's neighborhood Police Officer Alex Hogel, taken in the late 1930s. Officer Hogel is standing in the front corner of the pharmacy located near the corner of Brookline Boulevard and Pioneer Avenue. Many Brookline children knew the kind-hearted Officer Hogel, as he was stationed at the intersection during school days and helped the kids cross on their way to Brookline Elementary.

Officer Hogel was a resident of Brookline and his family have kept their roots in the neighborhood. His granddaughter Nancy sent in this photo. Nancy's father Norbert, followed in his dad's footsteps, and after fighting in the Pacific theatre as a Marine in WWII, he joined the Pennsylvania State Police, was an Allegheny County Detective, and retired as a Captain in the Sheriff's office. He loved the law, and like his dad, was a big, strong, gregarious man!

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