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Rob Frank was the editor of the Brookline News (1993-1995) and the South Pittsburgh Journal (1996-1997). These short-lived local publications followed the Brookline Journal (1933-1982) and The Journal (1983-1988). Although Mr. Frank's efforts only lasted a few years, his was the only paper that focused solely on the Brookline community.

Picture of Rob Frank.
Rob Frank (left) hands out a prize to Michael Deasy
during the 1997 Easter Egg Hunt.

A graduate of Mount Lebanon High School and the University of Pittsburgh, in 1999 Rob made an unsuccessful bid for Allegheny County Council. That same year he also sponsored a Brookline Little League baseball team. Rob has since been an administrative aide to Pittsburgh City Councilman Gene Riccardi, and in March, 2000 accepted a position as the community news reporter for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Rob now works for Allegheny County and remains active in the local and state political process. He is a member of the South East Active Democrats and helps host their annual summer outing in South Park.

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