Brookline Summer Hoops League Player/Coach Game
September 8, 2006

Brookline's Unofficial And1 Stars and the
 And1-A-Bes mix it up prior to the show.
Our Unofficial AND1 Teams:


Robert "The Hit Man" Underwood, Nate "The Skate" Morton, Megan "Queen of Hearts" Ziegler, Matt "My Bad" Noszka, Frank "Skippy To My Lou" Kalsek, Ashlee "Rocket" Albright, Adrian "Thunder" Foster, Brandon "The Blur" Schnupp, Shakil "Bling Bling" Brown, John "24/7" DeMarco, Matt "Three-Point" Giel, Matthew "Baseline" El-Tahch, and Orlando "The Matrix" Harvard. Unable to make a showtime appearance was Timmy "Ultra-Bright" Albright. The STARS were coached by "The Godfather" Don Gieleone.


Jonathon "The Cleaner" Andrews, Milan "One-in-a-Million" Tyler, Dan "THE Man" Noszka, Matt "All Day" McGraw, Sam "ICE Man" Ervin, Les "Mount Fugi" Funteio, Jay "Electric" Mott, and Dale "The Doctor" Key. Missing from the 1ABEE lineup were Tom "The Presence" Holbrook, "Big John" DeMarco, and Darrelle "Blade" Mott.


AND1 Stars	13 - 28 - 42 - 24	107
AND1-A-BEES	30 - 22 - 32 - 42	126

STARS-  "Bling-Bling" 16, "My Bad" 14, "Baseline" 14, "Nate the Skate" 12,
        "The Blur" 12, "Queen of Hearts" 8, "Three-Point" 7, "Rocket" 6,
	"Skippy To My Lou" 6, "Thunder" 6, "24/7" 6, "The Matrix" 2,
	"The Hit Man" 0.

1ABEES- "Mount Fugi" 28, "The Doctor" 28, "All Day" 20, "The Ice Man" 20,
 	"THE Man" 13, "The Cleaner" 8, "One-in-a-Million" 7, "Electric" 2.

Fouls:   The only foul was called on "Mount Fugi" of the 1ABES for
	 blocking "The Blur". When "Blur" hit "Fugi" he came clearly into
	 view lying sprawled out on the hardwood court.

ASSOCIATED PRESS - 06 Sep 08 - 20:35:16 EDT - Wire Service - Sports - Late
Breaking News - United States (Eastern) - Pittsburgh, Pa.


by Emoh Taceht (Associated Press Correspondent)

PITTSBURGH (AP)  - The Brookline Recreation Center played host to the
"1st Unofficial AND1 Classic" on Friday night, pitting the aging
coaches/referees, henceforth refered to as the AND1ABEES, versus the
young AND1 Stars of tomorrow. In a hard fought contest of will and
stamina, the AND1ABEES weebled, wobbled, stumbled and rolled to a
126-107 victory that stunned the crowd and silenced the critics.

The game was all 1ABEE during the first quarter as the old folks jumped
out to an astounding 30-13 lead. Dr. Dale Key made an early house call,
dropping a quick twelve points before retiring to the lobby to await
the next emergency. The geriatric 1ABEES showed that they came to play,
and their size and experience initially overwhelmed the young STARS.

The STARS quickened the pace during the second quarter. Coach of the
STARS Familia, Godfather Don Gieleone, inserted his showtime offense
of "My Bad", "Rocket", "The Skate", "Three-Point" and "Baseline." The
strain of old age and weak legs began to show as the 1ABEES labored to
keep up. The STARS outscored the 1ABEES 28-22 for the period, lowering
the deficit to 11 points at halftime.

Halftime Score: 1ABEES 52 - STARS 41

Continuing the strategy of taking the leg out of their opponent, the
STARS continued their run-and-gun game during the third quarter.
"Bling-Bling", "Queen of Hearts" and "The Blur" kept the old folks
moving at full speed. Fatigue set in. The 1ABEES struggled to hang on.
Fans could clearly see "THE Man" and "Mount Fugi" huddling near the
oxygen tank, clinging desperately to the masks. By the end of the
quarter, the young legs had again outscored the old legs, this time
by a margin of 42-32. The deficit was down to one point as the score
read: 1ABEES 84 - STARS 83.

The first few minutes of the fourth quarter were a see-saw struggle.
"Three-Point" tied the game at 86-all with a bomb from downtown, and
"Blur" dropped another mortar as the STARS took a 89-86 lead. The two
teams matched each other point-for-point until the seven minute mark,
when the STARS held their final lead at 98-96.

The 1ABEES, whose labored breathing had everyone wondering if the game
should be stopped for safety purposes, had them all fooled. The game
soon took a turn for the elderly.

A concerned fan yelled, "Somebody call a Doctor!", prompting Dr. Dale
Key to return for another house call. This time the good Doctor
brought along the ice, in the form of the Ice Man, Sam Ervin. The
Doctor immediately injected the 1ABEES with a second 12 point fix while
"Ice" soothed their aches and pains with four three-pointers. "All Day"
McGraw and an exhausted "Fugi" added treys of their own in a long-range
onslaught that powered the 1ABEES to a 30-9 final run.

Game Over!

When the dust cleared, age had triumphed over youth, but not by much.
The 1ABEES posted four 20-point scorers; "Mount Fugi" and "The Doctor"
had 28 each, followed by "All Day" and "The ICE Man" with 20 apiece.
Leading the effort for the STARS was "Bling Bling" Brown with 16,
followed by "Baseline" and "My Bad" with 14. Also in double figures
were "The Blur" and "Nate the Skate" with 12 each.

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