JrNBA/JrWNBA Summer Camp
July 6, 2006 at the Petersen Events Center

Host Sidney Moncrief addresses the
 crowd of local children

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On Thursday, July 6, 2006, NBA legend Sidney Moncrief hosted a JrNBA/JrWNBA Summer Camp at the University of Pittsburgh's Petersen Events Center. Coach Moncrief, himself a five time NBA all-star selection, was accompanied by NBA legend Darryl Dawkins, known as "Chocolate Thunder" for his backboard-shattering dunks. The All-Star staff also included Team USA Basketball legends and Olympic champions Theresa Edwards and Katrina McClain, along with several current NBA/WNBA coaches and assistants. Former Pitt Panther star Brandin Knight was also on the instructor list, along with a local legend of sorts, Jake Trombetta, once a stand-out player in Brookline's men's league.

With the motto "Pledge To Be A STAR" as a theme, the six hour basketball camp focused on a wide range of topics, from on-the-court skills to nutrition and excercise, and most importantly, pride and teamwork. Over 250 boys and girls from the Pittsburgh area were in attendance, and they were all treated to some hands-on training and personal tutoring from some of the best professionals in the sport.

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 Be A Star - Click on link to fill out online certificate

The day's itinerary was packed with numerous skill stages located on the main court and on the practice court. Each dealt with a specific skill set. Despite the six hour length, the day passed quickly, and enjoyably. After a lunch break served in the Panther Club, the kids got to play a little four-on-four basketball on the maplewood floor of the Pitt Panthers home court. It was quite a thrill for the youngsters to get a chance to play in such a large arena, getting tips from some of the legends of the sport.

Near the end of the day's activities, Coaches Moncrief and Dawkins held an impromptu trivia session, handing out prizes for the lucky one's who knew the answers. When "Chocolate Thunder" took the helm, the answers became more predictable with each new question. If you answered "Darryl Dawkins" you got the prize.

A captive audience watches
 and learns as NBA legend Darryl Dawkins
 instructs on the art of ball movement
 (Post-Gazette photo)

After the camp was finished, the NBA/WNBA hosts signed autographs for their many new friends. It was a great day for everyone, and we all left with a renewed interest in the fun and fundamentals of the game of basketball.

Participants from the Brookline Recreation Center were:
Bernie Cusick, Regis Cusick, Chase Lambert, Joey Kalsek, Johnathan Kalsek, Frank "Skippy" Kalsek, Orlando Harvard, Victoria Andrews, Tess Brust, Michael Brust, John Tiani, Olivia Tiani, Michael Molinaro, Matthew Molinaro, Ben Skiff, Hannah Skiff, Troy Dinkel, Ashley Albright, Timmy Albright, Tommy Bauwin, Alex Bauwin, Tony Manuel, Nick Manuel, Brandon Williams, Maria Rotunda, Louie Rotunda, Robert Underwood, Bradley Sabolcik, Christina Folino, Kayle Priore, Alex Neff, Ian Alexander, Dion Simpson, Dominique Simpson and Matt Noszka. Adult volunteers included Mike Manuel, Joe Rotunda, Dan Noszka, Eddie Dorsett, Bruce Williams, Lou Molinaro and Jim Cypher.

Congratulations to Maria Rotunda, Dan Noszka and Dominick Maggs, all from the Brookline Recreation Center. They were selected back in December of 2005 to represent Pittsburgh Citiparks as 2005-2006 JrNBA/JrWNBA All-Stars. Maria advanced into the top 150 girls from across the country and was an All-Region honoree representing the Philadelphia 76er's. Dan was honored as an Honorary Coach of the Year. The community of Brookline is proud of the achievements of Dominick Maggs, Maria Rotunda and Dan Noszka.

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JrNBA/JrWNBA 2006 Summer Camp

JrNBA/JrWNBA 2006 Summer Camp

Johnathon, Louie and Troy

Ian Alexander and Brandon Williams get
 dribbling tips from NBA legend Sidney Moncrief

JrNBA/JrWNBA 2006 Summer Camp

Brookline's 2005-2006 All-Region
JrWNBA selection Maria Rotunda
with WNBA stars and USA Basketball
legends Theresa Edwards and Katrina
McClain. Towering above them all is
NBA legend Darryl Dawkins.

Brookline's 2005-2006 All-Region
JrWNBA selection Maria Rotunda
and Brookline's 2005-2006 JrNBA
Honorary Coach of the Year Dan
Noszka with NBA legend Sidney Moncrief

Kayle Priore gets her shirt
 autographed by NBA legend Darryl Dawkins

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