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Brookline Memorial Park - March 2014

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The Brookline Memorial Recreation Center, built in 1970, is located in Brookline Memorial Park, along the lower part of Brookline Boulevard in what was once referred to as East Brookline. The Recreation Center facility, and the park itself, commonly known as the Community Center, have been an integral part in the lives of many Brookline families for over seventy years.

The current recreation building replaced an old farmhouse that had been in use since 1947. Prior to that, public recreation facilities in Brookline were provided exclusively at Moore Park, another first-class complex located on Pioneer Avenue. Brookliner's are fortunate to have two city parks located within the neighborhood.

Bird's-Eye View of Brookline Park - 2014

Brookline Memorial Park offers a variety of recreational facilities. The park contains a large multi-purpose ballfield, two lighted baseball fields, a T-Ball field, an outdoor batting cage, picnic pavilion, children's playground, outdoor basketball court and a DEK Hockey rink, along with plenty of open green space.

The Recreation Center itself houses an indoor basketball court, recreation room, weight-lifting and fitness center, and limited meeting space. There is something for all seasons, and ample parking is available.

Classic Cars are nestled in the lower
 lot of Brookline Park - August 2008

The Brookline Community Center was originally owned and operated by volunteer members of the Brookline Community Center Association. In 1966 the park was turned over to the city and long-time Moore Park Center Director Chuck Senft was assigned to manage the facility. Chuck's office moved from Moore Park to Brookline Park in 1971 upon completion of the new Recreation Center building.

The park has been the scene of many changes over the next three decades, but until the dawn of the new millennium, the one thing that remained a constant was Chuck Senft. His tenure as Recreation Director in Brookline spanned from 1958 until his retirement in 2003.

Chuck Senft
Boxing may have been Director Chuck Senft's cup of tea, but a good game of ping pong could quench his thirst.

Through Chuck's tireless efforts and dedication, the children of Brookline benefited from the many recreation programs under his supervision, most notably the Moore Park and Brookline Boxing Club, "Charlie's Angels". Formed in 1958, the Brookline boxers built a reputation as one of the premier boxing clubs in Western Pennsylvania with over fifty team championships.

There was also the Track Club, the Basketball Leagues and countless other recreational activities to keep the community's children off the streets. While under Chuck's supervision everyone knew that their kids were safe, and what more could a parent ask for?

The Brookline Park DEK Hockey Rink
opened in December 2013.

In August of 2003, the city closed the Recreation Center due to financial difficulties. Thanks to the Act 47 recovery plan, the building reopened in February of 2005 under the direction of a familiar face, Michelle "Mickey" Underwood.

As a Recreation Leader in Brookline for over twenty years, Mickey was busy behind the scenes with several programs of her own, like children's crafts and ceramics.

The Summer Basketball Leagues,
started in 2002, are a big hit from
June through August. In 2006, the
leagues attracted over 150 youths
and the program continues to grow.

In 2000, Mickey moved on to become the Director at the Phillips Park Recreation Center in Carrick. From her return to Brookline in 2005 until a promotion to Area Supervisor in the Fall of 2014, her skills and leadership ensured that the Brookline Recreation Center continued to provide our neighborhood's children the same sort of safe, friendly atmosphere in which to grow and prosper.

The boxing program also continues to grow and develop. Now called the Pittsburgh Boxing Club, supervised by Ted Mrkonja and retired Marine Bob Brown. Also leading the drills is one of Brookline's former elite boxers, Pittsburgh policeman Carlos Schrader.

Under their skillful guidance, the tradition of Brookline boxing excellence continues to flourish. Beginning in 2009, the club has been holding workouts in renovated facilities in both Mount Washington and Overbrook, as well as at the Recreation Center.

The Indoor Soccer program runs
from January through March.
It's Fast, Fun and Furious!

Today, the Recreation Center is once again one of the main centers of activity in Brookline. Refurbished in the winter of 2001 and again in 2010, the building now sports a hardwood gym floor and a state-of-the-art Weight Lifting and Fitness Center, complete with a wide range of equipment. A new HVAC system now provides temperature control.

On November 1, 2014, Brookline welcomed a new Director, Jon Coyne, to the Recreation Center family. His term lasted until 2018, followed by a succession of temporary leaders, until March 2019, when Jarrod Herschk was assigned to supervise the show. Jarrod, a world class DEK hockey player, has done a fantastic job carrying on that tradition of excellence that has been a trademark here in Brookline for decades.

Each year on Earth Day weekend,
the boys and girls of Brookline Park
come together to rid the park of trash.
On April 22, 2006, this was our
PACleanways 'Pick it Up PA' crew.

Current programs include summer camps, yoga, weightlifting, martial arts classes, youth basketball and soccer clinics, an instructional indoor soccer program, summer basketball leagues, kindersports, walk-fit classes and other seasonal activities.

The meeting room is available for local scouts and community groups. With an experienced staff of Recreation Teachers leading the way, the Brookline Memorial Recreation Center remains one of the finest neighborhood recreational facilities in the City of Pittsburgh.

Below are links to some of the countless fond remembrances
that so many Brookliners have of their Community Center.

Community Center (1947-present)
Brookline Breeze (1982-2019)
Brookline Little League (1951-2019)
Brookline Knights (1974-2019)
Brookline Indoor Soccer (2007-2015)
Citiparks Hoops Leagues (2006-2015)
Brookline Hoops Leagues (2002-2014)
Pittsburgh Boxing Club (2005-2013)
Car Cruises (2005-2013)
"Charlie's Angels" (1958-2003)
2019 Citiparks Field Day Champions
2018 Return Of The Hippo
2018 A Special Tribute to Chuck
2015 PA Cleanways Project
2014 Brookline Bobcats
2014 Lunch With Santa
2014 November Aerial View
2014 Fall Basketball Clinic
2014 Penguins Youth Hockey Day
2014 Spring Basketball Clinic
2014 Little League Parade

2014 PA Cleanways Project
2013 Brookline Bobcats
2013 Building DEK Hockey Rink
2013 Little League Parade
2012 Brookline Bobcats
2012 Lunch With Santa
2012 Halloween Party
2012 Roving Art Cart
2012 Joe's Soccer Club
2012 Satellite Image of Park
2012 Open-Mic Night
2012 Spring Basketball Clinic
2012 Little League Parade
2012 PA Cleanways Project
2012 Early Spring
2012 Citiparks Champions
2011 Keystone Young Marines
2011 Brookline Bobcats
2011 Joe's Soccer Club
2011 Spring Basketball Clinic
2011 Little League Parade

The 2012 Brookline Recreation Center 14-Under
Basketball team - 2012 Citiparks Champions!
John Vo, Tyler Thornton, Taylor Thornton,
Martino Stein, Malik Petite, Jake Wilson,
Keynon Griffiths, Blake Arnold, Bailey
Travers, Tyler Quinten and Coach Milan.

2011 PA Cleanways Project
2011 Lunch With The Bunny
2010 Brookline Bobcats
2010 Fitness Center Dedication
2010 Mayhle Field Dedication
2010 Family Fun Fest
2010 Summer Basketball Camp
2010 Joe's Soccer Club
2010 Brookline School Fun Day
2010 Spring Basketball Clinic
2010 Karate Class
2010 PA Cleanways Project
2010 Breakfast With The Bunny
2010 The Big Blizzard
2009 Brookline Bobcats
2009 Girl's Camp
2009 Summer Basketball Camp
2009 Joe's Soccer Club
2009 Little League Parade
2009 PA Cleanways Project
2008 Breakfast With Santa
2008 Brookline Bobcats
2008 Fall Basketball Clinic

2008 Citiparks Flag Football
2008 Summer Basketball Camp
2008 Little League Parade
2008 PA Cleanways Project
2007 Citiparks Flag Football
2007 PA Cleanways Project
2006 Brookline Flag Football
2006 Unofficial And1 Classic
2006 JrNBA/WNBA Summer Camp
2006 PA Cleanways Project
2006 The Little Ninjas
2005 Brookline Flag Football
2005 Halloween Party
2005 Fall Basketball Clinic
2005 Spring Basketball Clinic
2005 Little League Parade
2005 PA Cleanways Project
2003 Satellite Image of Park
2001 Wall Of Fame
2000 Talent Show
2000 Little League Parade
2000 Men's Basketball League
2000 Easter Egg Hunt

Brookline's 2009 14-Under Flag Football Team
finished runner-up in the Citiparks Fall League.
Marco Shallo, Aaron Lagnese, Daniel McCaskey,
Jarrett Better, Cody Gestrich, Jesse Vates,
Ryan Mandarino and Coach Milan Tyler.

1999 Citiparks Flag Football
1999 Talent Show
1999 Men's Basketball League
1999 CitiParks Soccer Champs
1999 Little League Parade
1998 Halloween Party
1998 Citiparks Flag Football
1998 CitiParks Soccer Champs
1998 Soccer Camp
1998 Men's Basketball League
1997 Playground Dedication
1989 Men's Basketball All-Stars
1989 Parks 100th Anniversary
1988 Men's Basketball All-Stars
1987 Basketball Champions
1987 Men's Basketball All-Stars
1985 Hot Shot Champions
1982 Volleyball League
1982 Hot Shot Champ Gregg Gielas
1982 Hot Shot Contenders
1982 Gold Medalist Melissa McLane
1981 Building Brookline Park Pool
1981 Building Sam Bryen Fields
1980 Park Construction

1978 Those Were The Days
1978 Awards Banquet
1978 World Champ Donna Caterino
1977 Awards Banquet
1977 Old Basketball Courts
1977 Portable Swimming Pool
1976 Building McGibbeny Field
1976 Little League Parade
1975 Master Plan - Brookline Park
1972 Kite Flyer Randy Aul
1971 Recreation Center Construction
1969 Recreation Center Groundbreaking
1966 City Purchases Park Property
1965 Community Center Parade
1964 Ice Skating Rink
1963 Community Center Day Camp
1962 Community Center Construction
1962 Proposed Community Center
The Old Anderson Farm
Retired Director Chuck Senft
Brookline Soccer (1982-1998)
Junefests (1982-1986)
Arts and Crafts
The Brookline Track Club

Brookline's 1999 14-Under Citiparks Flag Football Champs.
Coach John Ladasky, Lewis Alkire, Justin Phillips, Steve
Barone, Brendan McCalla, Josh Gettings, Bruno DeSimone,
Jason Lancia and Center Director Chuck Senft.

Brookline Memorial Park - Fall 2008

Recreation Center Staff Photos:
2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006,
2005, 2003, 2002, 2000, 1999.

Breakfast with the Bunny - March 2010


Christmas 2012


The Instructional Basketball Clinic
for 6 to 8 year olds teaches kids
the fundamentals of the game.
Clinics are held in the summer
and again in the fall.

Brookline Recreation Center Programs - April 2015

The activities listed below were once offered during the year. Some still are.

Times, They Have 'A Changed, But The Memories Of Yesteryear Will Last A Lifetime.
Check with the Recreation Center for current flyers and activities.

* FALL/WINTER INSTRUCTIONAL INDOOR YOUTH SOCCER - Program begins in mid-November and runs through March. Learn to play soccer in a fun and engaging league format with weekly practices and games on Saturdays. Cost: $20/player. Boys and Girls ages 4-6 are welcome. Roster positions are limited. Deadline to register: October 31.

3-ON-3 INDOOR YOUTH SOCCER - Program begins in mid-November and runs through March. 3-on-3 soccer is a fast-paced game that emphasizes speed, teamwork and foot skills. It's played in a fun and engaging league format with games played on Thursday evenings. Practices are held on Tuesday evenings. Cost per player: $25/player. Boys and Girls ages 7-9 are welcome. Roster positions limited. Deadline to register: October 31.

Michelle Underwood doing face-painting
in the Summer of 1987.

* BROOKLINE PARK EARTHDAY CLEANUP - Come help us clean Brookline and Moore Park as part of a state-wide effort to keep our cities and parks free of trash and debris. Everyone, young and old alike, is welcome to help! Refreshments are provided. Cleanup takes place from 9:00am to noon. The event is co-sponsored by Citiparks, the South Pittsburgh Development Corporation and Keep PA Beautiful. Everyone meets at Brookline Park. Our annual cleanups began in 2005.

DOLLAR BANK CINEMA IN THE PARK. Thursday nights during summer vacation. Shows begin at dark and are held on the lawn.

Family Fun Fest.

* MARTIAL ARTS CLASS - Introduction to Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do) for kids and adults ages 10 and over. Professional instructor Bob Sheehan teaches the fundamentals on Monday evenings. Beginners: 6:15-6:45pm; Intermediate: 6:45-7:30pm; Advanced: 7:30-8:45pm. All NEW students must come to the 6:15 class. New signups accepted in May and November. Cost: $15/participant.

* KICKBALL FOR KIDS - Kid-friendly kickball games will be held on Mondays and Tuesdays in the gym beginning in April. Times to be announced. Boys and girls ages 4-5-6 are welcome. Program runs through the end of May. FREE.

The 2008 Summer Soccer Camp was
a big success. Thanks to Megan Eiszler,
Kathy Rudolph, Michelle Underwood, Nina
Rudolph and the one and only, Mr. Joe.

* INSTRUCTIONAL SUMMER SOCCER CLINICS - Trained Instructors - Clinics begin in mid-June once school is out. Mondays and Tuesdays. Mondays: 10:30-11:30am (4-5-6), 12:30-1:30pm (7-8). Tuesdays: 1:30-2:30pm (4-5-6), 2:30-3:30pm (7-8-9). Clinics are held outside, weather dependant. Clinic runs through the beginning of August. Learn soccer fundamentals. Cost: $10/participant.

* SUMMER SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM - Sponsored by Citiparks. FREE lunches for kids ages 14 and under every weekday beginning in mid-June and running through the end of August. Lunch is served from 11:30-1:30pm and snacks are served from 1:30-3:30pm.

A Pirate game in 2009 courtesy of
the Tickets For Kids Foundation    A Pirate game in 2010 courtesy of
the Tickets For Kids Foundation

* JOE'S FITNESS FUNDAMENTALS - Free workouts with our trained instructor. Learn a healthy fitness routine. Men and women age 16 and over are welcome. Individual workouts are by appointment only and subject to staff availability. Registration required. Children 16 and 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

INSTRUCTIONAL BASKETBALL CLINICS - Six-week clinics are held in April and October for boys and girls ages 6-8. Coach Milan teaches basic fundamentals in a fun, interactive environment. Cost: $10/participant.

BROOKLINE SUMMER BASKETBALL LEAGUES - Sign-ups begin in April. Leagues run from mid-June (when public schools let out for summer) through the first week of August. Games are held weekdays from noon through 4:00pm.

INSTRUCTIONAL SUMMER LEAGUE: Boys and girls ages 9-11.
TEEN SUMMER LEAGUE: Boys and girls ages 12-14.

Roster positions are limited, so sign up early! Deadline to register:
May 31 or when roster spots are full. Cost: $40 per player.

In May 2009 Senator Wayne Fontana sponsored
a bicycle safety program. The kids all received
a free bike helmet. The Recreation Center staff
encourages all children to wear a bike helmet.
After all, it IS the law.

* YOGA - Trained instructor. Tuesday nights from 6:00pm-7:30pm - Cost for six week session is $50. Fees pro-rated for late enrollees. Year-round workouts.

PITTSBURGH BOXING CLUB - Ages 8 and up. Cost for year-round membership is $65. Prepare for Golden Gloves competition or just work out to improve fitness and stamina. Call for more information.

* KINDERSPORTS - FREE for kids ages 3-5. Wednesdays from 10:00-11:00am. Program runs from October through the end of May.

* STORYTIME - FREE for kids ages 3-5. Wednesdays from 11:00-12:00pm. Program runs from October through the end of May.

The little ones liked playing
with Milan during Kindersports.
After all, he was just a big kid.
Picture taken in May 2007. Mister
Joe is the new Captain Kangaroo, and
the kids like playing with him, too.

* CAR CRUISES - Spring, Summer and Fall. 2014 event dates to be announced. Bring your classic vehicles for a night of good times with friends. Peoples Choice Award, classic music and refreshments. Shows begin and 5:30pm and run until dark. Call for more information.

BROOKLINE BREEZE 5K RUN/WALK - The Breeze has become a Brookline tradition, with the 34th running scheduled for Saturday, August 8, 2014. Along with being a Brookline tradition, the Breeze has become one of the premier community races on the runner's calendar. Race Day includes a 5K run, a 5K walk, and a 1 mile fun run for the little ones. Register online or stop by the Recreation Center and pick up a form.

The Brookline Breeze - August 9, 2014.

HALLOWEEN PARTY - Friday in late October - Ages 3-10. 6:30-8:00pm.

LUNCH WITH SANTA - Saturday in December. Begins at 2:00pm.

LUNCH WITH THE BUNNY - Saturday before Easter. Begins at 12:00pm.

Pre-registration requested for Halloween, Christmas and Easter events.
Call to register at 412-571-3222 or visit the Recreation Center.

* GAMEROOM ACTIVITIES include ping-pong, shuffle board, bumper pool, and assorted board games. Gameroom is open from 1:00-9:00pm daily, subject to availability. Room is closed during programmed activities.

The Recreation Center is always
a place for arts and crafts.

* FITNESS FACILITY is available FREE for daily from 1:15-8:45pm, subject to staff availability. Must be 18 or over to use the facility (16-17 if accompanied by a parent or guardian). Registration required. See Recreation Center staff for access.

* PLAYGROUND PAVILION can be reserved for birthdays or other special occasions on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no charge for this privilege, but the space must be reserved and the reservation approved. See Recreation Center staff for more details.

The Recreation Center encourages our
local boy and girl scouts and
supports their fundraising efforts.      The scouts help with many of our
events, like the Christmas, Easter
and Halloween parties, and the
spring cleanup. They're great!

* LIMITED MEETING SPACE is available for Community Groups, Boy and Girl Scouts, etc. There is no charge for this privilege, but the space must be reserved and the reservation approved. See Recreation Center staff for available times.

Other programs run seasonally, so stop by the Recreation Center and pick up one of our seasonal flyers to see what's new, or call 412-571-3222.

The Halloween Party in 2008 drew
over 70 kids from the neighborhood.

Citiparks Rules and Regulations.

Chase and Curtis Johnson erected the
new sign at the park entrance in 2006.

Brookline Memorial Park has changed quite a bit since "The Anderson Farm" was first purchased back in the 1940's. Trace the steps that led to the formation of one of Pittsburgh's nicest neighborhood recreational facilities. "The Brookline Park Renaissance" will take you on a journey back in time. Enjoy the ride.

Brookline Park - May 2009

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October 28, 2004 - Sign hanging near the playground at
 the Brookline Recreation Center. Drawn by Matthew Newman (14) - March 27, 2003