Don't Be A Dope

It Could Cost You Your Life!

Is A 30-second or 30-minute "hig" worth risking the rest of your life? That is the kind of risk you take when you use drugs. No matter what anyone tells you, the facts show that drugs kill. Maybe not the first time, but sooner or later using drugs will catch up to you.

Sure, everyone feels the pressure to go along with the crowd, to fit in, to belong. When you want to be accepted by your friends, peer pressure can be very powerful. But don't be a dope and gamble with your life...real friends accept you without compromise. Most kids believe that taking drugs is wrong and they do not want to associate with people who use them.

Some people believe that alcohol, marijuana and other drugs will make them feel at ease. Others think that drugs enhance the senses and make experiences more memorable. In reality, people who use drugs loose's inevitable.

When You Break The Law.
You Pay The Price.

Possessing or selling drugs is punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment. For example, possessing even a small amount of crack can result in a jail term of one year and/or a fine of up to $5000. Repeat offenders and persons possessing larger amounts of cocaine - in any form - face substantially longer jail terms and much higher fines.

A drug pusher convicted of selling drugs to a minor faces a mandatory jail sentence of one year. An additional two year mandatory minimum jail sentence applies if the sale or delivery takes place within 1000 feet of a school, college, or university.

Anyone convicted of possession of even a small amount of any illegal drug also faces the loss of their driver's license for six months on a first offense, for one year on a second offense and for two years on a third or subsequent offense.

Further, persons under 21 convicted of underage drinking - or using a fake driver's license to purchase alcohol - face a mandatory driver's license suspension, regardless of whether or not the underage drinking offense occured in an automobile.

Persons guilty of second or subsequent offenses also face fines of up to $500 for each additional offense.

Convicted drunk drivers face a mandatory minimum sentence of 48 hours in jail and pay a $300 fine for the first offense. Repeat offenders face a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 days for a second conviction and 90 days for a third or subsequent conviction. For each conviction the drivers will lose their license for one year. They must also attend an Alcohol Highway Safety School at their own expense.

Know The Facts


Immediate Effects

* Initial relaxation.
* loss of inhibitions.
* Impaired coordination.
* Increased risk-taking.
* Bad judgement/danger in driving a car.

Long Term Effects

Regularly, heavy use increases the possibility of:
* Gastritis, pancreatitis.
* Cirrhosis of the liver.
* Certain cancers of the gastro-intestinal track.
* Heart disease.
* Brain and nerve damage. * Upon withdrawal following heavy use, convulsions and delirium may occur.


Immediate Effects

* Increased heart rate and blood pressure which leads to increased risk of bursted blood vessels or heart failure.
* Reduced appetite.
* Faster breathing.
* Dilation of pupils.

Long Term Effects

* Strong psychological dependence.
* AIDS and hepatitis if injected with bad needle.
* Ulcerated mucous mambrane of the nose.


Immediate Effects

* Rapid pulse, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure and body temperature.
* Loss of appetite.
* Sleeplessness and tremors.

Long Term Effects

* Panic, confusion, suspicion, anxiety and loss of control.
* Flashbacks of prior LSD experiences.


Immediate Effects

* Sense of distance and estrangement.
* Poor muscle control.
* Dulled senses.
* Profuse sweating.
* Increased breathing, blood pressure and pulse.
* Possibility of self-inflicted injuries.

Long Term Effects

* Persistent memory problems and speech difficulties.
* Depression, anxiety and violent behavior.
* Paranoia and hallucinations.
* Large doses may cause convulsions, coma, heart and lung failure.


Immediate Effects

* Nausea, sneezing, coughing and nose bleeds.
* Fatigue, poor coordination.
* Increased heart and breathing rates.
* Impaired judgement.
* Large doses - unconsciousness and death.

Long Term Effects

* Permanent damage to nervous system.
* Fatigue and weight loss.
* Anxiety.


Immediate Effects

* Increased heart rate.
* Bloodshot eyes.
* Dry mouth and throat.
* Impairs short term memory and logical thinking.
* Paranoia and psychosis.
* Alters sense of time.
* Reduces ability to perform tasks and hinders learning.

Long Term Effects

* Psychological dependence.
* Loss of drive and interest in sustained activity.

Regular Heavy Use:
* Chronic bronchitis, lung cancer.
* Reduction of sex hormone levels.
* Impaired learning.
* Decreased immunity against infection.

Need More Information?

To Get Help - Call Toll Free - 1-800-582-7746
Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs.

To Order "Schools Without Drugs"
Free booklet for students, parents and teachers

To Report Illegal Drug Use of Distribution
Information Center
1-800-BE-ALERT - Drug Smuggling

This information supplied by:
State Senator Jack Wagner
42nd District

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