Brookline Area District Justices
Public Safety Is Our #1 Concern

Justice James Motznik

Pittsburgh Police - call 911

Justice King

19th Ward

Justice James Motznik
736 Brookline Boulevard
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15226
(412) 343-1188
Office Hours: Mon-Fri,
8a-4p. Closed for
lunch, 11:30a-12:30p.

Pittsburgh Police - Call 911

32nd Ward

Justice Richard King
2213 Brownsville Road
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15210
(412) 884-1511
Office Hours: Mon, Tue,
Thu and Fri 8a-4p.
Wed 10a-6p.

Neighborhood BlockWatch Program

Got a Complaint? ... Dial 311 for the City of Pittsburgh's Response Line.
Concerns also can be registered in person at the center's office on the
first floor of the City-County Building, Downtown, or submit online

View the Pittsburgh Police Community Safety page.

Who's our Judge?

The Brookline Area is served by two District Justices, each elected to six-year terms. The 19th Ward (Justice Motznik) comprises most of Brookline from the Highrise Apartments near Breining St. westward to West Liberty Avenue. The 32nd Ward (Justice King) includes East Brookline, which was once part of Overbrook Borough. This area extends from Whited St. to Rt. 51, the Fiat/Zimmerman Streets development, Ebenshire Village, and the Overbrook area from Brookline Park up Breining St. through to Rt. 51.

It is important to note which District Justice serves your particular portion of Brookline. If you are ever in need of their services to file a complaint or suit, it is necessary to do so at the appropriate office.

When Do I Need My District Justice?

District Justice vs. Common Pleas Court.
Criminal Proceedings.

Informative Pamphlets Available From Your District Justice's Office (from June 2000):

What Should I Know About Protection From Abuse?
21 Under - Know The Law.
The Responsible Parent - How To Talk To Your Kids About Alcohol And The Law.
D.U.I. Arrest In Pennsylvania.
Stop The Slaughter: Keeping The Drinker From Driving.
The District Justice Program at Southwood.
The Pennsylvania School Bus Stopping Law.
The Pennsylvania Point System For Licensed Drivers.
Toy Ads On TV - Facts For Consumers.
The Pittsburgh Mediation Center.
Child Care Options - Making The Right Choice.
Crime Prevention and Home Security Tips.
Don't Be A Dope - Get The Facts On Drugs.
UCAN - United Citizens Against Narcotics.
Animals - Rabies - People.


The District Justice Is NOT PERMITTED
To Give Legal Advice!

If you are in need of an attorney, please contact The Lawyer Referral Service at 261-5555. The service is located at 920 City-County Building, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15219.

The service is sponsored by the Allegheny County Bar Association and will provide up to a 1/2 hour conference with a private attorney for $30. Conferences are available Monday through Friday from 9:00am-Noon and from 1:00pm-4:00pm. No appointment is necessary.

The staff will speak with you and if appropriate, refer you to an attorney who will discuss your particular legal matter. The attorney to whom you are referred will provide the half-hour $30 consultation.

The Lawyer Referral Service can not provide free legal advice. If you need free criminal representation you should contact the Public Defenders Office at 350-2401. If you are low income and need free representation in a no-fault and no property devision divorce you should contact the Indigent Divorce Program at 261-4001. In certain other cases, if you qualify, Neighborhood Legal services at 255-6700 may be able to help you directly, or refer you.

Attorneys belonging to the Lawyer Referral Service pay to the ACBA a percentage of fees generated by referrals. These attorneys have agreed NOT to increase the cost of legal fees to their clients to cover this or any other fees paid to this service.

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