21 under - Know The Law

Underage Drinking - 21 - It's The Law.

You should know that your driving privelege will be suspended if you are convicted of:

* Lying about your age to obtain alcohol.
* Purchasing, consuming, possessing, attempting to purchase, or transporting alcohol.
* Carrying a false I.D. card.

You will be charged as a criminal
and have a criminal record.

Alcohol related driving suspensions are:

* First Offense - 90 days.
* Second offense - 1 year.
* Third and subsequent offenses - 2 years.
(Any multiple sentences imposed shall be served consecutively.)

Even if you don't have a license and get
caught drinking or carrying a false I.D.
you will be penalized.

You will be unable to apply for a learner's permit for the time period of the suspension. For youth under 16 or without a driver's license, penalties go into effect when the minor applies for a learner's permit.

In addition to driving privelege suspensions, you may pay a fine up to $500 and the police are also required to notify your parents.

The court may require that you successfully complete a program of alcohol education, intervention, or counseling. You must also pay a $25 restoration fee before you can get your license back or be considered for a learner's permit.

Remember, you don't have to be in or near a car, have a driver's license, or be old enough to drive for the laws to apply. Just being caught with a false I.D., drinking, being intoxicated, transporting alcohol, having alcohol in your possession, or just attempting to purchase will result in the suspension of your driving priveleges.

Underage Drinking Laws
Also Affect Those Over 21!

Any adult who buys alcohol for anyone under 21 - even their own children - or anyone who makes or sells false I.D. cards may receive a mandatory fine of $1000 for their first offense and $2500 for each subsequent offense.

An adult who supplies minors with alcohol may also be liable for any resulting injuries and/or property damage caused by the minor.

Driving Under The Influence

In Pennsylvania, DUI offenders who are minors (18 to 21 years old) are processed like adults while offenders who are juveniles (under 18 years old) are processed through juvenile court. Penalties for juvenile offenders may differ from adult DUI offenders. Anyone under the age of 21 driving with a blood alcohol content of .02 or higher can be charged with DUI. This law states that any person over the age of 18 arrested for driving under the influence (DUI):

* will be required to complete an Alcohol Highway Safety coures.
* may face a license suspension of one year, 48 hours in jail, and a fine up to $500.
* will pay all additional costs such as high auto insurance and court costs.

If you are under 18 and stopped for DUI you:

* may be arrested and detained for blood, breath and/or urine testing.
* will have your parents notified of the arrest by the police.
* may have a juvenile complaint filed against yuo within 5 days.
* may have your fate decided by juvenile authorities.

Think Before You Drink!

Sixteen years is a long time. Why risk being convicted of a crime that deprives you of your driving privelege and could possibly cost you money and time in jail? Is it worth it to throw those sixteen long years away with one drink? Remember, if you are under the age of 21 and drink alcohol, you face consequences that could cost far more than you imagined.

Stand Tall, Walk Away From Alcohol!

The PLCB offers a variety of alcohol education materials free of charge.
For more information please contact us at:

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
Alcohol Education Center, Room 602
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