Brookline Elementary School - 1919

Brookline Elementary School - 1919

Brookline Journal Excerpt - July 18, 1956

Like many other good things that have come to Brookline school children over the years, the winning of a playground for Brookline youngsters came through professor Joseph F. Moore, longtime principal of Brookline's school system.

It was back in 1912 when Professor Moore first thought of the idea of a playground for the school. At that time he succeeded in renting the ground for such use, but the school board felt it did not have the money to make an out and out purchase. Later, after the professor had been moved from Brookline and brought back again, (in 1919) he heard that the school board was contemplating the purchase of land in East End.

This was enough for him. He returned to the school, had John Ingram make a scale model of the building and the proposed playground, had the art teachers make scale models of equipment, put the model on display and raised sufficient public interest that the school board purchased the ground and the plot was established much as it is today (1956).

Today, the school has been enlarged to the point where much of the playground is no longer there. However, had it not been for the dedication and forethought of Professor Moore, Brookline School would never have had the ability to expand. The purchase of the lots for the playground gave the School Board the room needed to adapt with the times to service the ever-increasing student population of Brookline.

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