Brookline Elementary School
8th Grade Class - Winter 1929

Brookline Elementary School 8th Grade Class - 1929

Members of the graduating class are, left to right:
Front Row - Angelo Capuano, Evelyn Young, E. Taggart, A. Turnbaugh, N. Brown, H. Barnes, J. Edwards, V. Beinhauer and L. Beinhauer;
Second Row - William Tilbury, Alfreda Sherman, Donald Frazier, Helen Heinrich, Harold Morriss, M.L. Sloan, Henry Burger, Dorothy Dietrich, William Dallisman and Grace Smith;
Third Row - Danner Ryce, Margaret Ludwig, Henry Huiey, Mildred Ludwig, Jack Hezlip, Mary Hezlip, Frank Duffett, Harriet Sanders, Edward Mugell, Harriet Becker and Granville Webb;
Fourth Row - Ross Gibson, Joseph Gigliotta, Paul Gruber, Frank Meyer, Norman Butterworth, Aubrey Brundage, Harper Jones and David Livingston.

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