Brookline Elementary - 8th Grade 1948
Winter Graduating Class

Brookline Elementary
 - 8th Grade 1948

This is the graduation class photo from January of 1948 at Brookline Elementary School. Back in these days there was both a Winter and a Spring graduating class.

Front Row: Blair May, Sally Lucchino, Stephen Vonderach, Bob Hodgson, Ann Curtis and Charles Conway.
Middle Row: Phillip Covato, Kay Clark, Leonard Semplice, Barbara Mehaffy, Sherwood Hrabik, Mildred Johnson and Bill Forgey.
Top Row: Donald Haas, Nancy Molinari, Bill Bromley, Janet Shurtz, Ronald Shorts, Lois Carpenter and George McElvaine.

* Photo provided by Gordon Malone and names by Steve Vonderach *

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