Brookline Elementary 8th Grade - 1950
Spring Graduating Class

Brookline Elementary Class 0f 1950

This is the graduating class of Brookline Elementary School in the Spring of 1950. Back in these days there was both a Winter and a Spring graduating class.

A little fun with the imaginary
 bat and ball. It's a little like
 a Norman Rockwell painting.

The picture above was taken on the Pioneer Avenue side of the school and the photo below was taken on the playing field of Brookline School. The boy at bat is Roger Costantino. Roger is in both pictures. Over the years, a lot of baseball was played on the field of Brookline school. During the summer months, kids played pick-up games there almost every day. The field had some big drainage ruts and it was covered with oil to keep the dust down, but it was a baseball field, and that was all that mattered.

* Photos provided by Gordon Malone *

In 1950, Ralph Kiner hit 47 homers.
At Brookline School, the left field
fence was kind of short, but it took
a good poke to clear the fence in right.
The best, however, was always the drive
to left center that carromed off the
school. Now that was a Kiner-like shot.

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