Brookline Elementary - 1952
Class Play - Steamboat A'Comin'

Brookline Elementary - Class Play - 1952

This is a photo from the Brookline Elementary Class Play that was performed on May 26 and 28, 1952. The play was called "Steamboat A'Comin'," an operetta by Roger C. Wilson and Lewis Kerr. It featured an ensemble cast of Brookline Elementary students.

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Synopsis: In the early 1890s, Jim Redding lived on a farm near the little village of Willow Point on the Ohio River. He longed to be a River Pilot on one of the large steamboats that passed up and down the river in glamorous procession. How he set about realizing this ambition is told in this presentation of STEAMBOAT A'COMIN'.

The main cast was broken down into First or Second performance actors:
First Show - Cynthia Agnew, Jerry Anderson, Sally Schurtz, Ed Walton, Claudia Conrad, Ronald Gallaher, Donna Lea, Tom Matchett, Howard Charlson, Martin Farber, Jerry Ali, Lee Noble, Audrey Melman and James Miller.
Second Show - Carol Feldman, David Reasons, Carol May, Jack Osborne, Carol Meade, Jack Ashworth, Joy Ruano, Edward Misner, Charles Schmidt, Ronald Karp, Richard Swartling, Lee Noble, Audrey Melman, Jack Lammert.

The Village Boys And Girls were: Marilyn Dusko, James Garman, Rodger Heim, Dottie Kauss, Donald Knipp, Rickey Lamb, Barbara Meyer, Nancy Steiner, Judy Stock, George Sweger and Rodger Yeager.

The Roustabouts were: Robert Grant, Keith Hartman, Kenneth Hartman, Orrie Long, Paul Millstine, Robert Schaeffer, Richard Swartling and David Wagner.

The Townspeople were: Robert Adams, Robert Anderson, Lynn Baker, Wesley Bryant, Ruth Campbell, William Harrison, Virginia Holden, Joanne Jocz, Norma Long, Dorothy Manes, Wayne Moser, Judy Newill, Ruch Ohrisman, Darlene Roth, William Sherman and Norman Sundell.

The Deckhands were: George Best, William Dellinger, Donald Gibson, Jack Lammert, Edward Lukark, James Miller, James Myers and Richard Pigossi.

Special Entertainers were Joe Hadley (Hawker), Audrey Melman and Donald Knipp (Waltz), and Edward Luksik and Lynn Moorcroft (Dancing Bear and Trainer).

The Band members were: Gary Beyer, Frank Brown, Richare Tigossi, Harry Doerzbacher, John Erbey, Jack Lammert and Robert Stock.

The Gay Young Blades were: James Leiersapf and James Mulligan.

The Tumblers were: James Kelton, Donald Knipp and Judy Melman.

The Melodrama: Richard Hoyle and Richard Swartling.

The Can-Can Girls were: Annetta Bobbitt, Patricia Delaney, Bonnie Gallaher, Sandy Lake, Judy Melman, Barbara Neuman, Mary Skidmore and Judy Tulenko.

The Cake Walk was performed by the entire cast.

The Chorus members were: Anita Amloini, William Barker, Janet Beckert, Annetta Bobbitt, John Brody, Ray Burtner, Ellen Clutter, Sherley Coffer, Conna Cromlish, Alice Demetrius, Hope Dillant, Kay Earley, Judy Emery, Marcella Fidler, June Frank, Margaret Gallagher, Judy Geib, Evangelos Gemelos, Donna Gentleman, Judy Harkins, Jacqueline Hartlep, Harvey Higgs, Charles Horne, Margaret Ismer, Fotaine Kallakas, Lenore Knox, Donald Larson, Janet Leavers, Jo Ann McCaffery, Jack Mealing, Nancy Melman, Gail Milligan, Jack Mills, Walter Monaghan, Nancy Osborne, Richard Pomrenke, Sandra Quayle, James Ragano, Nancy Sallach, Bernice Shaynock, Sandre Schrenk, Joan Skinneller, Robert Stock, Marian Thoma, Carol Turners and Geraldine Unkovic.

The Stage Crew were: Jerry Ali, Ronald Gallaher, Robert Grant, Thomas Matchett and Edward Pindell.

Scenery was created by: Martin Farber, Charles Schmidt, Jack Barth, Roberta Cooke, Jeanene Grace, Richard Howells and Joe Hadley.

Make-up artists were: Ruth Oshnsman and Kallie Speis.

Sound Effects by: David Stricker and Robert Greene.

Ushers were: Barbara Haddock, Diane Lardas, Patricia Welsh, Mabel Young and Dianne Zoog.

Faculty Acknowledgements: Harold G. Heinaman (Principal), Garnet Scholl (Music), Jessi W. Gress (Dramatics), Rosana Dugan (Dancing), Gertrude Winans, John Ingram and Thomas Wallace (Scenery), Florence Crusan (Tickets) and Geraldine Hrabovsky (Sewing).

* Photos and information provided by Ed Walton *

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