Brookline Elementary 8th Grade - 1953
Spring Graduating Class

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Brookline Elementary Class of 1953

This is the graduating class of Brookline Elementary School in the Spring of 1953. Back in these days there was both a Winter and a Spring graduating class.

* Photo provided by Mary Gallagher *

Brookline Elementary Class of 1953

This is one of the two 8th Grade class photos taken earlier in the year.

Membes of the class include:
Back row: Donald Schweitzer, David Stricker, Jack Lammert, Joe Ferretti, Richard Weltner, ____, James Miller and Robert.
Front Row: Robert Adams, Frank Brown, Lee Vandenberg, Trish Delaney, Barbara Vernick, Mary Louise Skidmore, Lynn Nolte, Mildred Adams, Richard Chiocca, ____ and Billy Jessup.

* Photo provided by Trish Doyle *

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