Brookline Elementary - 8th Grade - 1963

Brookline Elementary - 8th Grade - 1963.

The 8th Grade graduating class from the 1962-1963 school year at Brookline Elementary.

Front Row, Left to right: Louis Hubbard, Bob Oglesby, Jack Emes, George Scheiderlein, Roger Tillman, Danny Speicher, Tony Guarino, Joe Mineo, Ray Winowich, Chuck Grimm, George Thompson, Jim O'Farrell, Bob Starrett, Rex Foreman, Lenny Zucco, Bill Reardon, Mike Gula, Steele Stenger, George Scheidl and Jim McClelland.

Middle Row, Left to Right: Gwen Haddad, Adrienne Miller, ____, Karen Henzler, Deborah Schumann, Ruth Ann Marr, ____, Marilyn Phillips, Deb Pendergast, Unknown, Linda Falvo, ____, Doris Anderson, Sherry Lutsko, Katie Rondinelli, Patty Williams, ____, ____, Kathy Windhager, Rita Lowe, Sandy Battaglia, Susan Schmidt, Maureen McMillan, ____, ____ and Lynn Domostoy.

Back Row: Phil Curry, Mike McCarey, George Liadis, ____, ____, Pat Daugherty, George Gedid, Andy Mecs, Phil Semplice, Ken Magrini, Tom Sands, Paul Langford, Tim Willome, Ed Schmidt, Ed Holland, ____, Jack Schulz, Jack Leierzapf, ____, ____, ____, Don Roth, Mark Xenakis, Dave Winter and Rick Jones.

Brookline Elementary - 8th Grade - 1963.

This is one of the two 8th Grade class photos taken earlier in the year.

Front Row: Lynn Domostoy, Steele Stenger, Jack Emes, Dan Speicher, Maureen McMillan, Bill Reardon, Mike Gula, Bob Oglesby and Gwen Haddad.
Middle Row: ____, Ray Winowich, Dave Winter, Karen Henzler, Marilyn Phillips, Kathy Windhager, Chuck Grimm and Rex Foreman.
Back Row: Phil Curry, Karen Hoff, Linda Falvo, Ken Magrini, Ed Schmidt, Patty Williams, Doris Anderson and George Thompson.

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* Photos provided by George Thompson *

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