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Chick's Corner Store

Chick's Corner Store - 1983

Chick's Corner Store is shown above in 1983. Located at 138 Ruth Street, the small mom and pop business stood across the street from South Hills High School. Owned by the Chichwak family, the store offered a variety of snacks, deli meats and sandwiches, and became a popular destination for students both before and after school.

Most Brookline students who rode the streetcar to and from the South Hills Junction had to pass Chick's Corner Store on their way to school.

Chick's Corner Store - 1977

The women who worked in the store, shown above and below in 1977, were Mrs. Romano, Dory Baron, Theresa Cygrymus and Mrs. Chichwak (with the cane). These fine ladies became well known among the student population. Former SHHS customers remember with fondness the excellent sandwiches that they provided.

Chick's Corner Store - 1977

Among the many delicassies offered at Chick's, the chipped ham and quarterloaf sandwiches ranked as crowd favorites. For the morning customers, the breakfast sausage sandwiches were best sellers. Others prefered the basics: chips and pop.

To satisfy the sweet tooth, store shelves were stocked with swedish fish, mary janes, licorice, bazooka gum, fireballs, watermelon slices, bullseye caramels, jolly ranchers in every flavor and a variety of chocolate candy bars.

Chick's Corner Store went out of business around 1990, shortly after South Hills High School closed it's doors in 1986.

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* Photos provided by Tommy Zucco *

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