Our Lady Of Loreto
Women's Guild - 1959/1960

The Loreto Women's Guild hosts an Open House on November 22, 1959.

A Women's Guild meeting in 1959.

The Holy Name Communion Breakfast on November 13, 1960. Women's Guild members (left to right): Mrs. Calabria, Mrs. Colletti, Mrs. Chianese, Mrs. Zentgraf, Mrs. Munkittrick, Mrs. Donley, Mrs. Gilligan, Mrs. Romanowski, Mrs. Harkins, Mrs. Szolis, Mrs. Loper and Mrs. Jardine. Seated are (left to right): Leo Gutoski, Rev. Paul Lackner, Fathre Garbin, James Priscaro and Adam Stella.

Loreto Women's Guild presents new china to Pastor Garbin on November 22, 1960. Pictured are Mrs. Donley, Mrs. Eastland, Mrs. Moorhead, Mrs. Dunlap and Mrs. Harkins.

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* Photos provided by Our Lady of Loreto Archives *

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