Our Lady Of Loreto
Class of 1996

This is the final graduating class from Our Lady of Loreto Elementary School. After the 1995-1996 school year, Loreto merged with Resurrection and St. Pius Elementary Schools to form Brookline Regional Catholic, located on the campus of St. Pius. The Class of 1996 included: Candice Andrews, Beth Bacha, Anthony Caruso, Crystal Chorney, Tia Colangelo, Roberta DePasquale, Christopher Dukes, Daniel George, Lea Guarino, James Hamilton, Kevin Hurley, Amber Lerach, Kara Maffeo, Michael Molyneaux, Cassandra Muic, Lori Patterson, Amanda Peacock, Tina Romano, Renee Salicce, Kristen Szuch and Adam Weber (not in photo).

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* Photo provided by Our Lady of Loreto Archives *

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