Our Lady Of Loreto
Clearing the Grounds for the 50th Anniversary
Removing the Trailer - May 2009

The Trailer - May 8, 2009

On Friday, May 8, 2009, in preparation for the 50th Anniversary celebration, a volunteer crew came together to begin the arduous task of removing the old trailer from the church grounds. The trailer was used for storage of materials from the old Loreto Carnivals. It had not been opened in over a decade, and had been sitting in the corner of the church parking lot for nearly 30 years.

It would seem logical to just bring in a semi, hook up the trailer and drive it away. However, it had been sitting idle for so long that the frame had become unstable. When considering the task, a local truck driver cautioned that the rusting crate would most likely fall apart at the first tug. Instead, the trailer would have to be emptied, cut into pieces and hauled away as scrap.

The job of emptying the contents was completed by a volunteer crew on Friday evening. (More to come)

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