Overbrook Elementary School - 1934

Overbrook School - 1934.

This 1934 photo shows Overbrook Elementary School, located at 2140 Saw Mill Run Boulevard in Pittsburgh's Overbrook neighborhood. The school was built in 1928 and was slated to be the modern replacement for Overbrook Borough's aging Oak Elementary School.

When Overbrook Borough was annexed into the City of Pittsburgh in 1930, and the subsequent rezoning of the Reflectorville and East Brookline areas of the former borough into the community of Brookline, children from the Reflectorville area and part of East Brookline were assigned to Overbrook Elementary, which was renamed Overbrook Central School.

Over its seventy-five year history, the school was enlarged twice to accomodate the increasing student population in the area. During this time, some Brookline children continued to go to Overbrook School, shown below in 1960, until its closing in 2003.

Overbrook School - 1960.

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