Resurrection Elementary
8th Grade Class - 1920

Resurrection 8th Grade Class - 1920.

The 8th grade class at Resurrection Elementary during the 1919/1920 school year.

Shown here are:

Front Row: Alice Mullen, Charlotte Malin, Marcella Burckle, Josephine Kapsch, Rose Mary Curran and Mary Mcgaffin.
Second Row: Barbara Gorhana, Catherine Kleppner, Margaret Nevins, Marcella Killion, Frances Hoffman and Helen Ferry.
Third Row: Gertrude Gilson, May Magnani, Alice Leonard, Margaret Rauch, Mary Gilson, Josephine Braun, Clara Fleishner and Elizabeth McCarthy.
Top Row: Jacob Bandel, Father J.L. Quinn, James Nevins, John Hippert, Robert McCrum, Father H.M. Connelly, William Myers and Regis Manning.

Resurrection 5th Grade Class - 1920.

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* Photo provided by Bill Mullen *

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