Resurrection School Days - 1957

Classroom in the Church Building
next to the cafeteria - 1957.
One of the first grade classrooms under the church next to the cafeteria.

Here are some photos from the 1957/1958 school year showing a little bit of what it was like being a student at Resurrection Elementary. Resurrection Parish's Golden Jubilee took place in May of 1958. This was the 47th year for the elementary school.

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Classroom in old school building - 1957
A classroom in the old school building, which was used for second through fifth graders.

Classroom in new school building - 1957
A classroom in the new school annex, which was used for sixth through eighth graders.

Classroom in new school building - 1957
Another of the newer classrooms. The student population at Resurrection continued to grow until the late-1970s.

Uniforms for the girls were introduced in 1957.
Uniforms for the female students were introduced in 1957.

Two children admire one of
the statues in the entranceway
to the new school annex - 1957
This statue of Christ stood for
many years inside the foyer
of the annex building.

The cafeteria at lunch time - 1957
The cafeteria at lunchtime was always crowded, and the food served was pretty good.

The courtyard at recess - 1957
The courtyard during recess. The younger grades gathered near here while the older kids played along Creedmoor Avenue.

Creedmoor Avenue at recess - 1957
The older students gather along Creedmoor Avenue during recess. The boys often played ball while the girls jumped rope.

Resurrection School - New Annex - 1957.
The new Annex Building was completed in time for the start of the 1957/1958 school year.

Resurrection School Girl's Basketball -
The 1957 Resurrection girl's basketball team were runners-up in the city Catholic League. The team ended the season
with an 8-2 record. Previously, Ressi's lady cagers had won five championships in a row. Front Row: Mary Lou Tully,
Jo Cannizzaro, Pat Schmidt, Ellen Kestner, Sue Balkey, Barbara Doran and Carol Welsh. Back Row: Coach Armour,
Kathie Davis, Carolyn Wade, Emily Domina, Kathleen Casey, Corinne DeConcillis, and Coach Balkey.

Resurrection Elementary School - 2nd Grade Class - 1958.
The Resurrection second graders class photo taken after receiving their first Holy Communion in April 1958.

* Photos provided by the Resurrection Archives

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